Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Driving in Hawaii

Hawaii is one of those destinations that simply take our breath away with its beautiful scenery, as well as a relaxing atmosphere. If this island is your next choice, then you should know a thing or two about the rules of the road.

Hiring a car gives you an opportunity to thoroughly explore this place and soak in every single part of it but before you do that, check out some information regarding driving that just might help you make the most of this experience.

What To Expect?

According to some reviews found online, people have felt a range of emotions when it comes to this topic. Some of them were outraged by certain situations, while others have forgotten about the problems they’ve encountered and just enjoyed this magnificent destination.

Get used to being resourceful

This refers to their words and how hard it is to pronounce them. Namely, even people who were born in this place occasionally mispronounce those words (name of the streets, etc) or you get the feeling like they are mumbling.

This may sound entertaining, however, the situation where you cannot use various GPS systems because they do not understand you will surely get on your nerves. That’s why you need to learn to rely on your sense of orientation.

Can’t be fast and furious

If you’re into slow-paced roads then the ones in Hawaii will be your perfect fit. On the other hand, if you’re not, then pay attention to this segment. Viz, their law does not allow you to go faster than 75 on the freeways.

Late at night, when no one is on the road might be the only part of the day when you are able to go over this speed, however, we advise you not to do it because you don’t want to risk causing any car accidents. Even though legal experts at might help you in case something like that occurs, try to avoid this scenario as much as you can!

Separate car for each island

Most tourists yearn to explore every single island in Hawaii. One thing that might change their mind is the fact that you have to organize a vehicle on each island. People can utilize only planes to travel between islands, since car ferries do not exist.

This practically means that you will have to hire car rental services every time you visit a new island.

Be kind to drivers

It is widely known that some of our worst traits are being demonstrated while we are driving. People tend to be very nervous and rude to others. Well, you’ll have to forget about it in Hawaii.

Its residents are very polite to other individuals and they always let drivers in their lane. Furthermore, they also love to wave at other people. That’s another positive characteristic of Hawaiians. It may be strange to you, but for them, it’s completely normal.

Let’s Keep On Listing…

Oahu roads

This is one of the most beautiful and popular islands in Hawaii and home to Honolulu. Besides offering some of the most amazing beaches, as well as hotels, it is known for its superb roads!

Moreover, some of Hawaii’s best roads can be found precisely there. They even have numerous motorways, however, keep in mind that driving on these roads can sometimes be extremely painful.

It’s because they are very busy, however, Kamehameha Highway is a good alternative if you want to explore this place thoroughly. You can try out others, but this one is definitely the best!

International driver’s license

Unless you were born there, you must have a valid International driver’s license if you want to drive there as a tourist. In case you cannot acquire one, a foreign driver’s license will do just fine but it has to be translated into English.

As mentioned above, you can rent cars from different rental corporations, and you can also rent motorbikes. When it comes to prices, its range goes between 28 to 35 US dollars per day. It is recommendable to rent a vehicle for the entire time you spend on this island because you’ll most likely get a discount!

Do not honk!

Unless you must (for example, if you feel like you’re in danger or something like that) do not honk at these people no matter how nervous or stressed you are! You will not prove your point, you’ll just make them angry. They consider this to be very impolite!

What Have We Learned?

These people are laid back and know how to enjoy life. This is not a place for someone who is in a constant hurry and uptight. For those who know how to sit back and relax, Hawaii driving can be a wonderful experience!

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