Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal cases have some of the biggest impacts compared to other cases on their victims. 

They take an emotional and physical toll on people which is why it is important to have a strong figure to defend them.

When it comes to criminal attorney lawyers, it is important to make sure you approach the best and most qualified ones because their experience will play a huge role in your case’s output.

With consequences like jail time and huge sums of money involved, choosing a criminal defense attorney shouldn’t be a lighthearted matter.


It is important that the criminal defense attorney who represents you is well-reputed.

You can perform a background check by doing some research online or by looking them up on lawyer referral websites. If the lawyer is well known in your area and has a good name, they will be good at what they do.

Check if there are reviews of past clients who have worked with him or her before. It is also important to check if the reviews are verified to make sure they are authentic and not fabricated.

If your lawyer has a good name both online and offline, then you can be assured of his experience and skills.

Proper Qualifications

Don’t hesitate to ask your lawyer about their qualifications.

Criminal defense attorneys need to have completed at least three years of law school with a specialization in criminal defense.

Apart from passing the bar exam, the attorney must obtain a license or board certification in criminal trial law.

They must have excellent communication skills, be attentive to minute details and have experience with interviewing witnesses and legal research.

Make sure your lawyer is thorough with federal laws, court procedures and other matters related to the criminal justice system.

They should be specially informed about the criminal law in the state where your matter is under trial. 

For example, if you are looking for criminal defense lawyers in Savannah, they should know everything about the state’s procedures regarding criminal cases.

Experience With Going To Trial

Always go for a criminal defense attorney who has experience with courtroom trials. 

Trial lawyers will be able to represent you effectively in court and make a credible defense based on the evidence which has been provided.

If it is a serious criminal case, it will be in your best interests to go to trial so choose a lawyer who has experience with trial cases even if you feel like you don’t have to go to court.

It will strengthen your chances of winning and protect your job, family, finances and everything else which gets affected when a crime is involved or you have been wrongly accused of one.

The attorney should have a good record of winning court cases. Ask him how many cases he has won in court. A few losses are normal, but if he has lost more than half of his cases you are better off finding another lawyer.

Good Negotiating Power

One of the major skills any good criminal defense attorney should possess is good negotiation skills.

They should know how to negotiate properly with the judges and opposing counsel in order to get the best possible outcome for their clients.  

You can get an idea of their skills by asking them about their past experiences with clients in the court or their interactions with the judges.


You must be able to reach out to your criminal defense attorney whenever you feel the need to.

With criminal cases, there is a higher probability for unexpected situations to rise which is why access to your attorney at all times of the day is important.

A case can go on for months and a lot could happen in between. Make sure the attorney you hire is reliable enough and is willing to meet you even at odd hours.


A criminal defense attorney should be honest even if he has bad news or knows that something won’t work out in your favor.

They shouldn’t give you false hopes and must be able to predict what kind of outcome your case will get.

Watch out for attorneys who sugarcoat everything and state only positive things.

Price Quote

Beware of criminal defense attorneys who charge extremely low fees.

A good, qualified attorney will charge a reasonable amount for their services so you shouldn’t turn down a great lawyer just because there are other ones who charge cheaper rates.

Lawyers who charge you little are probably not experienced enough or are not willing to put their heart and soul into your case. 

Steer clear from those kinds of lawyers.

Relationship With Judges

It is good if your defense attorney had a good standing or relationship with the judge.

However, be wary of attorneys who always stress their relationship with the judge or who take great pride in it.

Your criminal defense attorney should be willing to challenge the judge and not stay silent because they fear that their reputation or standing would be ruined.

Investigative Abilities

You should be on the lookout for an attorney who has impressive investigative abilities.

They should be willing to dig as deep as possible into your case to find out every little detail which will give you an advantage over your opponent.

How well your lawyer utilizes all the available resources and evidence will determine the output of your case and your chances of winning.

They should also be persistent in reviewing all the details and interviewing as many people who are involved in your case.


If your attorney has great qualities but you don’t trust him then working through your case is going to get difficult.

Trust is very important in any attorney-client relationship so make sure you trust your attorney completely. 


If you have been involved in a criminal case or you have been wrongly accused of a crime, make sure you get the best attorney to defend you.

Take recommendations from people who have experience in the legal department or those who have worked with criminal defense attorneys.

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