Tinder Openers That DO Get You Replies

Popularly growing to match possible couples in a virtual setting, the geosocial application Tinder can introduce you to a potential life partner. The digital dating game has evolved from phenomenal social media sites, and Tinder aims to cater to the love life sector of people purely. Every individual that has created an account should learn about the appropriate initiating messages famously known as openers.

What is Tinder?

The first purpose of Tinder is to link up people belonging to the “hook-up” crowd-based upon a concept of “Hot” or “Not Hot” deciding factor. It was intended mainly for aggressive flings and casual mating endeavours that is fulfilling to many singles. Changing its name to Tinder, it has now evolved into a “likes” – based platform focused on digital dating concepts.

The geo-social ability of Tinder has allowed lonely people to meet matches on their general location. One of the challenges that people encounter is sustaining a conversion that might lead to a meet-up, date, and eventually, a relationship. Suppose you are an individual having difficulties in initiating connections, then Attraction Truth has some great Tinder openers that can be added to your arsenal when it comes to meeting new people. Breaking the ice with sufficient impact can be your gateway to a fulfilling relationship.

Basics of Tinder Openers

Digitally dating in Tinder can become a frustrating experience when your initial attempts at connecting just result in numerous crashes. Whenever you lead with simple greetings like “Hi!“,”Hey there!”,” Hello!“,” What’s up?” it is proven that you’ve just wasted your chances since it places the conversation under the recipient’s ball court, you should always direct the conversational flow as the initiator. They may either respond in “Hi!“, or another similar message, but it will just bore your person of interest.

Women on Tinder, especially the attractive singles, get hit daily, 24/7 as their accounts exist on the site. They have dealt with their share of weirdos, maniacs, and playboys who want to get in their pants. Beautiful women have probably encountered all the tricks and techniques that average men can throw at them. 

If you want to succeed in getting dates and meet-ups for your purposes then having a brilliant, witty, eye-catching opener is your ace if you’re going to receive an immediate reply. The best openers that work even in the actual social field come with questions that are easy to respond to and do not elicit a “Yes” or “No” answer. The crucial key is to think up an interesting question that can stimulate their brain.

Crafting a Set of Effective Tinder Openers

After successfully creating an account on Tinder, uploaded a well-liked personal photo, and completed the basic evaluation processes, you can get to the next step and find yourself a match. These people can be located in your general area, which would ease up your face-to-face meeting. The only task left when you have scored a great ‘match’ is to start the conversation with the other person.

Create an Interesting Question to Send

One of the basics of seduction is to place yourself in the mind of the other individual. Then ask yourself How would she react when she hears or reads this message?, by this method you can rule out specific topics that might not guarantee a reply. The next thing is to be genuinely interested in the other person without being creepy. Creating a question that may delve deep into their personality is the key to connecting with them.

  • Hey [name]! What do you love doing on weekends? Is it dance practice? Surfing? Or hunting down ninjas?

‘Who Dares, Wins!’ Be the Adventurer Type

Women are naturally drawn to the mysterious, well-travelled type of individual, and this rule applies to most people. We are endlessly captivated by movies showcasing the adventures of a rake who’s probably been to places we haven’t heard of or encountered creatures which exist in myth. Applying this concept into messaging requires you to combine your interest and her natural personality. Always be that person that takes her or them into a unique experience.

  • Have you experienced a spontaneous activity where it required you to be adventurous and brave?” (Be sure to share your experiences in nuggets to get her hooked)

Get Her Talking About Herself

Scientifically proven, the average person’s pleasure center is activated whenever they talk about themselves, the way they feel, or share the things they care about. Having someone who can somehow relate to them gives them a strong feeling of warmth and security. Your task on Tinder is to showcase the same personality without being the shoulder they lean on or as a doormat with their life problems. Just keep it light, fun, and straightforward.

  • Pets
    • What do you prefer the most? Cats or dogs? Or elephants?
  • Travel: 
    • Tell me about a place you have visited that became your favorite destination for relaxing?
    • You’ve just won a free airplane ticket that would take you to your next travel destination, where do you wanna go ma’am?
  • Hobbies
    • What do you do when you get bored?
    • Which do you prefer? being a couch-potato watching Netflix? Playing video games? Hiking up a mountain?” 
  • Food:
    • What type of breakfast do you get for the weekends? Chocolate chips cookies? DIY sandwiches? strawberry syrup pancakes? A warm cup of coffee? Waking up in the afternoon?
    • Best dish you had for dinner ever in your life?


The digital world of Tinder can be quite a challenging experience for newbies that have just created their accounts. Keeping your profile updated and posting videos about what makes you alive ensures that matches are drawn to you. Understanding the correct implementation of Tinder openers can land you that first date with your match.

Written by George K.

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