Tips on Preventing Distractions for Focused Study

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As a student, the most common and persisting issue that every one of us faces throughout our academic life is preventing distractions. This is pretty much common and human tendency that while doing one thing, our smart brain simultaneously keeps craving for doing other things too. Well, this might be fine for any random times but especially in a case when we are studying, this cannot be afforded. Out of these very distractions, several students feel handicapped in fulfilling their assignment requirements, meeting short deadlines and ultimately they resort to some credible writing assistance and professional business case study writing services to stay up to the mark.

Here in this article, we are going to coin 6 different effective tips that are proven to keep your focus intact and help in uninterrupted studying. Before we get into the details of these 6 handy tips, let’s first ponder upon what exactly a distraction is?

Well, in the simplest possible words we can define distraction as something that takes away your attention from what you are supposed to do on a priority basis. Now, these distractions can be both internal and external as well. The internal distractions comprise your emotional thoughts and random daily affair thoughts. While the external distractions mainly encompass technology and of course the people with whom we interact. Here below we will learn how we can keep from these internal and external distractions.

Prepare yourself physically and mentally

This is the primary and most important step in studying. This implies that right before just getting started, you need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally. In physical terms, wear comfortable and loose clothing.

While on the other side in terms of mentally preparing, make sure to set a practical schedule where you have spared sufficient time for other activities as well. In this way, your mind will be at peace that once you are done with your studies, you can manage the rest of the stuff later. Follow this set pattern of schedule and time daily so your mind gets used to it.

Put your Smartphone away

This is probably the biggest external distraction that keeps you busy for long hours without even any realization of wastage of time. We get so lost in our Smartphone and especially in social media activity that we don’t even realize draining important hours of the day which otherwise could have been spent on something constructive.

Therefore, the best you can do is put your phone on silent mode and place it in some drawer away that at least isn’t accessible from where you are sitting for study. To bust the cravings, you can set a standard time like every half an hour or even a full hour you can check in to your phone so that nothing important other than social media is missed.

Cutting the internet access (optional)

While working on your laptop or desktop, you somehow feel you are intensely lost in your studies but meanwhile bear in mind that even on your workbook, the internet may easily drag you straight away to YouTube and even Facebook. Don’t trust yourself to resist the temptation and better turn off your internet access.

In a case where you may need access to certain online resources helpful in your studies, download all the stuff right in advance. If the internet is an essential part of your assignment, make sure to uninstall YouTube and Facebook apps at least. Your workbook or desktop may only contain the functions that are directly related to your studies.

Avoid interactions with annoying and disturbing individuals.

We believe that studying for long hours isn’t as productive as reading with full concentration even in smaller sessions. Once you sit on your study table and chair, bear in mind that even if you study only for an hour, this entire 60 minutes period is supposed only for study and nothing else. Make sure to avoid any such individuals who can be a source of distraction, be it your neighbours, friends or even home staying or visiting relatives.

If they cannot understand the importance of your focused study, they barely deserve any of your time at all. Therefore, the best you can do is to sit in some isolated place or room where you stay away from any distracting sounds and easy access of the visitors. Also, intimate your family to keep everyone away from you no matter what.

Keep a check on hunger cravings

When we say this, it doesn’t imply at all that right before going to study, you eat way too much and drink plenty of water or any other fluids. What this means is that while studying, hunger cravings might be a major source of distraction. If your belly were cramping with hunger, your brain would be unable to absorb any knowledge or information at all.

So better eat healthy food before starting to study. If you are going to have longer sessions of study, you may keep a chocolate bar in your access as an aid for when you may need it. Don’t try skipping your meals and merely living on fast food. Your body and mind wouldn’t thank you for it at all. Skipping meals or unplanned food may certainly make you sick.

Ensure getting sufficient sleep

The human body is naturally designed to work efficiently when it gets sufficient sleep. Food and sleep are the literal fuels of our body that keep it going. At times on exam days, we may easily get overwhelmed with the pressure and may think about skipping sleep sessions which is never a smart choice. Skipping sleep would do more harm than benefiting you in academics. You can read more health and fitness related articles here to stay abreast of new happenings. This is an established scientific fact that sleep directly affects your memory, concentration and brain function as well.

In a case where you are sleep deprived, you’ll no longer be in a position to study and remember things. So better have a nightly bedtime routine, read interesting books before sleep, don’t take caffeine after 5 PM etc and arrange your bed in a way that gives you maximum comfort.

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