Top 5 Reasons to Use a Digital Business Card

You’ve probably never given thought to the business card that you carry with you. It’s something that comes and goes, but it’s also one of the most important pieces of information that you have at your disposal. While it may seem like a small detail, there are many reasons why you should be using a digital business card. Here are five big ones:

Digital business cards are easily sharable

Digital business cards are easily sharable. You can share them with your friends, family, colleagues, and customers. You can also share them with your boss or clients as well as suppliers and vendors.

Digital Business Cards are eco-friendly

You may be wondering, “What’s so eco-friendly about a digital business card? Isn’t it just another way of printing paper?”

Well, yes and no. While it is true that the ink used in traditional cards is a mixture of chemicals, including cyanide and sulfuric acid chemicals that can pollute groundwater and harm human health it’s also true that those same chemicals are used to make pencils and paper from trees. 

So while digital business cards use fewer resources than traditional cards do when you factor in manufacturing costs, they still use some resources which would have otherwise been used for paper production anyway.

Digital Business Cards save money

Digital business cards are a great way to save money. Not only do they eliminate the need for printing and postage, but they also eliminate storage costs and delivery fees as well.

So, how much does it cost? It depends on what kind of card you get. If you opt for a simple white one-inch square card that comes in a plastic sleeve and has no additional features, then your only cost would be $5 per thousand printed or about 1% of the total cost of your order!

Digital business cards save time

Digital business cards are a convenient way to get your contact information out into the world without having to spend money on designing or printing. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on what matters: your message.

The most obvious benefit of digital business cards is that they don’t require any physical printing or physical distribution. You can send them directly from your computer or phone no need for scanning and uploading an image, just push a button! 

This also means that there’s no waiting for anything: if someone has downloaded the app then everything happens instantly and automatically; no more waiting around for paper versions of things like invoices or contracts after someone hands over cash during an interview process at work either!

Digital business cards are easier to edit

As you can see, a digital business card is quite versatile. You can add more information and images to it, change the font and size of your text, and even change how it looks on different devices. 

This means that once you’ve created one design for your business cards, there’s no need to worry about having two or three different versions of them in different formats all that’s left is to save them as PDFs so they’re easy to share with clients!


There you have it! We hope you found at least one good reason to go with a digital business card. If not, that’s okay. You can always try something else! We love seeing new ideas and innovations in the world of marketing, so don’t stop experimenting until they work for your particular brand.

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