Top 6 Apps Every Business Owner Should Have

Being a business owner, you manage countless tasks every day. You are often simultaneously handling a myriad of jobs. Being organized and goal-focused becomes even more crucial when the time is short and a lot has to be done. 

The ticking clock, the suffocating deadlines, and the ruined mental health, all put immense pressure on your shoulders and you feel like you’ll collapse any minute. The amazing news however that is there are many practical business apps accessible now that can enhance your work standard and increase productivity. 

The cherry on top, you can use these apps even while on the go. Just sign up with an internet service provider like Xfinity and get access to over 20 million hotspots across the country. If you are a Hispanic user, you can simply get in touch with Comcast Xfinity en Español, ask them about the process of signing up with internet hotspots, and enjoy the internet anywhere you go. 

Since we are aware the internet plays a huge role in simplifying your business processes. It will also help you in downloading all the business apps that we have mentioned in this article. If you go and check your app store, you will notice countless apps under the business category. 

So how can you figure out which one is useful for your type of business? While there are several applications that you can use for certain tasks that make life simpler in your specific industry, there is however a plethora of apps that help in improving general business functions.

Some business owners use these useful applications to assist themselves with time management, event organizing, note-taking, project management, etc. When selecting a service, a potent mobile presence is crucial for keeping away from hiccups in effectiveness and productivity. 

Keeping all of the advantages of the internet and the apps in mind, we have conducted a little research of our own and have enlisted the top six apps that must be an integral part of your business operations. So, sit back, relax, and keep reading.  

1. LivePlan

To get your daily activities organized, start using LivePlan, which is an efficient organization application that helps to design a creative, personalized business plan. This app will figure out everything for you. It will take you bit by bit through the development of your plan, asking a few questions along the way. Once it is fully designed, you can alter it according to your requirements to account for additional sources of revenue, inventory, etc. 

2. CamScanner

Do you have to sign countless forms or email several documents almost every day? If you are nodding then download this life-saving application right away. CamScanner conveniently turns your phone camera into an actual scanner, creating PDF files that can be saved, emailed, or even printed. 

All you have to do is take a picture of the document with the help of your phone. The app will scan it and adjust the angle; it will brighten the color of the document and turn it into a professional, high-resolution document. 

3. TripIt

If you frequently go on business trips, make sure to download TripIt, as it will make your journey comfortable and easy. This app combines all your travel information including the airline, hotels, cars, etc. that you have booked for the trip. 

As soon as you start getting travel data emails, forward those to this incredible app to create a personalized itinerary for every trip you take. TripIt also updates you about the departure times, gives you directions within the new country, and also gives you daily weather updates. How cool is that?

4. Moment

Juggling various activities while simultaneously managing time is a huge struggle for several business owners. You can, however, enhance your productivity and keep track of your daily activities by downloading the app called Moment. 

This highly useful app effectively tracks your smartphone usage and makes for you a report highlighting the number of hours you are spending each day on different platforms. In simpler words, it gives you a basic idea of how you spend your entire day. This beneficial app also aids in managing the amount of time spent using different applications on your smartphone by assigning daily limits and notifying you whenever you open them. 

5. Slack

Slack, one of the most well-known team management tools, improves the effectiveness and efficiency of staff communication. This business quick messenger eliminates the need for lengthy informational sessions and back-and-forth correspondence. For different goods, subjects, events, or projects, you can make various messaging channels within it and then add the appropriate personnel to each. 

6. Expensify

This app is solely for handling business expenses. It allows you to manage costs, and expenses and process remunerations without having to handle countless paper receipts. The best part about this app is that you can connect it directly to your debit or credit card account. 

It instantly tracks charges and adds them to a comprehensive expense report. You can use your smartphone’s cameras to take images of your receipts and this amazing app will draw out and upload the appropriate information. 

Wrapping Up

Handling a business and carrying out all its functions smoothly is a tough task. We understand that being a business owner is a hard job and keeping this in mind we have enlisted the top six apps that will increase your efficiency levels and boost your productivity. So read about these apps, look at their plus points, and see how they can be beneficial for your business. Then download them and see how your business grows. Good luck!

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