Top 6 Microphones That Are Great for Beginners

When you are looking for a microphone for your new project, you are mostly concerned about functionality and price. You don’t want to acquire an audio receiver that will not give you the best performance. Besides, you probably don’t want to spend much when you are just beginning. This careful balance of functionality and budget can be daunting for most people who are starting.

Whether you want to be a podcaster, voice-over artist, YouTuber, or musician, you have to look for a microphone that ensures clarity and vocal range. You don’t want one that suppresses your potential. The team at says that a microphone can determine the quality of work you produce. They recommend that you check the full range of audio gadgets that will help you capture quality audio files that will kick-start your freelancing or professional career. Here are the ultimate beginner’s level gadgets.

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Audio Technica AT2050

If you want a midrange gadget that will serve you for several years without fail, you will need it. First, it is not a cheap commodity. However, it has superior functionality, which compensates you for the price. You go for it knowing that you are making a wise investment. If you expect to scale your business or hobby quickly, you will not need to adjust your microphone. The initial investment is worth the price you pay for it. Besides, its adjustable audio setting ensures that you can get variety and quality at the same time.

Rode NTK

For many people who are looking for sound solutions, the NTK comes in handy. Its audio quality is impressive, competing with other microphone brands. It is also a mid-range product because of its quality and pricing. It will cost you around half a grand to acquire, but the audio quality makes it suitable for anyone who wants to edit for sound quality and controls. It is similar to Audio Technica since you will not need to replace it even after scaling upward. 

Shure KSM

The price range for this product varies wildly, depending on the specification. You can get one for less than $200. However, some are quite pricey. The ultimate beginner level is KSM137. Once you are established, you may want to sample some of the KSM353. The KSM137 model is for home recording. It is suitable for a starter. However, it may not give you the professionalism that you need, especially if you are marketing your works through online channels. Therefore, I would recommend the KSM27 series.

Blue Yeti

The price point for this model can be deceptive. While most of the models in this series will cost you just a few bucks, they are the ultimate beginner’s items. The USB functionality ensures that you can easily connect to all your devices at the office or home. The ASRM technology also makes the microphones functional for any beginner level technician. You can choose between cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, and stereo selections, making it ideal for all audio recordings, including field recording and interviews.

BONAOK Wireless

The microphone is highly rated because of its functionality. Most people begin here with the hope of upgrading. However, the machine does all the tasks nicely and without problems. Its Bluetooth and wireless technologies are ideal for anyone who doesn’t have an elaborate content development plan. Its fantastic controls and regular design enhance both usability and professional recording. This is a classic karaoke microphone because it is complete. It comes with rechargeable batteries, an internal memory slot, and all the digital controls that come with performing and recording.


The AKG model is quite new in the market, but it is making the waves already. It might not be as cheap as the BONAOK, but it has decent picks. It also has a high range for a discerning customer. The 414 range will be ideal for the buyer who wants to fall in love for a long time. However, the starter pack is the D112 range. It has all you need to get started. Quality audio controls and versatility make it an ideal microphone for anyone who intends to play various instruments. It also helps you capture every sound during your recording.

A microphone is often overlooked. The majority of people tend to give attention to the camera and other visual recorders. However, good audio will enhance the overall quality of your work and take extra steps to choose the best. Balance price and functionality whenever possible. Choose the microphone suited to your intended purpose. If you are recording in the field, you might want a microphone designed for that task.

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