Top Ten Designer Items Worth Investing In

A lot goes into the decision if you are considering a serious investment. Buying stakes in a company, buying a new luxury car, or an expensive custom piece of furniture are all things that take a little research and time. It is no different when it comes to designer clothing, shoes, and accessories that you choose to invest in. One must consider the piece’s longevity in terms of trending appeal and materials, whether it will appreciate in value and potentially be re-sellable down the line, and, naturally, how practical the item is for you and how much use you will get out of it. Let us explore some of our favorite designer investments and why we believe they are worth the hype.

Why Should You Invest In Designer Items?

Before we look at specific items, let us explore why investing in designer pieces is worthwhile. Designer items are, by definition, well-designed and well-made. Luxury companies have access to the best of everything: the highest quality raw materials, a wealth of experience in running a business, and access to designers who have been creating luxury items often for decades or even a lifetime. Each of these factors combines to make shoes, clothing, and accessories of far superior quality to anything else on the market. The longevity of an item produced by these factors is vastly improved, meaning that if you care for your items, they can last your lifetime and even be passed along to others after you’re gone. Many womens dresses are made to hold their form; watches are made to keep working smoothly for decades; and handbags are designed to complete your outfits season after season. Judging the skills and effort going into creating these pieces, they are worth the designer price tag.

Which Designer Items Are Worth Investing In?


A designer handbag is something that can truly stand the test of time. Things like the right kind of stitching, the best quality, well-tanned leather, durable metal components, and a classic shape are all aspects of an excellent designer handbag that make it worth the hype. All this, combined with a design made to last and the expertise brought to the process by seasoned artisans, are reasons to invest in a designer handbag. Furthermore, handbags are easy to care for if you know what to do. The right leather food, cleaning, and protecting products can add value to your purchase and maintain it in good condition for years. While handbags are items that we use often, they only take a little hard wear if we are careful.

Our favorite pieces:

  • Versace 1969 Abbigliamento Sportivo SRL Milano Italia
  • Balenciaga NEO Classic City
  • Chloe Saddle Marcie Mini
  • Dolce and Gabbana Black Leather Dauphine Shopping Tote
Top Ten Designer Items Worth Investing In


A good dress is one piece of designer clothing you can always rely on. If you know what you are looking for and understand the qualities of a piece with longevity, a designer dress will be the gift that keeps giving. Take the Met Gala as an excellent example of why designer dresses are a worthy investment; this year’s white carpet was overflowing with vintage couture that hasn’t aged a day and is as fashionably relevant today as it was the day it was first designed! We advise you to use the following criteria to choose your designer dress investments: a classic and timeless silhouette, fabric that will remain evergreen and have beautiful craftsmanship in the stitching.

Our favorite pieces:

  • Dolce and Gabbana Beige Silk Column Cap Sleeve Gown
  • Fendi White Logo Mini Dress
  • Moschino Beige One Sleeve Knee Length Shift
  • Stella McCartney Black Silk Cutout Maxi


Designer watches are an excellent investment in that they can last lifetimes if well cared for and have excellent resale value should you choose to part with them. Watches are inherited from family members and can even appreciate if they are well taken care of. Selection of the perfect designer watches for you personally and as an investment is easier than you think; it just requires a little research. Ideally, one wants a brand that provides excellent after-sales service, as watches often need tweaking and repairs throughout their lifetime. You need to select a piece that is very wearable and versatile, and that is constructed of materials that last. You must also be careful when you wear these pieces, as some metals, like gold, are quite soft and might need extra care.

Our favorite pieces:

  • Emporio Armani Renato Stainless Steel
  • Pierre Cardin Marais Women’s Rose Gold
  • Roberto Cavalli Women’s Silver Dial Stainless Steel
Top Ten Designer Items Worth Investing In

These three designer items, handbags, dresses, and watches, will add to your closet over a lifetime or even more if you care for them responsibly and choose them well. Now that is what we call an excellent return on your investment.

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