Top Tips on How to Plan an Incredible Romantic Getaway

Top Tips on How to Plan an Incredible Romantic Getaway

A recent survey of 2,000 adults found that 42 percent “fall back in love” after vacationing together. A romantic getaway to a fantastic destination can put the spark back into your relationship. It might be just what you need to put your love life back on track!

Planning tips for a quick escape include researching, discussing your destination, and talking about activities. Soon, you’ll be well on your way to the best vacation!

Here’s more on the best tips for planning a romantic getaway.

Do Your Research

Luxurious escapes to a phenomenal destination can treat your partner to a high-end romantic getaway. No matter where you like to travel, these types of trips are available. The best hotels, meals, and amenities are at your fingertips.

Spend some time online looking at different destinations. Reading online reviews lets you discover what others experienced on their trip. 

Find out how much it will cost for a rental car or flight. Ask about the extras, such as bottles of wine, tours, and personal touches.

Talk About Your Destination 

Where do you both like to vacation? Is it somewhere remote? How about your favorite spot in nature?

A great spot in nature could mean a remote cabin in the woods, where a tech-free vacation allows you to spend time talking. Perhaps a trip to a big city is more your adventure.

The beach could be a great trip, but if your partner doesn’t like the ocean, then it could be a bummer! 

Pick a spot you’ll both enjoy. If your interests vary, then meet in the middle.

Discuss Activities

Wine tours, hiking, skiing, biking, shopping, and other activities can quickly fill the calendar for your romantic getaway. Antiquing, fine dining, and even taking the scenic route in your rental car are all activities you can do on your trip.

Make a plan. Or not. Take out a map and see what’s exciting or just go with the flow.

Regardless, spend time doing something you both love and can bond over. It will spark new conversations and make your trip far more interesting.

Let Go of Tech

Almost one-third of Americans are online constantly, according to Pew Research. Make a pact with each other to make your trip tech-free. Put down your phones, tablets, and laptops. 

Make it a “digital detox” trip. Give your full attention to one another.

Spend Money on the Extras

Upgrade your room to a suite or ask for a fireplace. Get room service. Ask for in-house massages.

Ask if you can have dinner in a unique spot. The extra pampering is worth it!

Tips for Planning a Romantic Getaway 

Tips for planning a romantic getaway include doing your research, talking about your destination, and discussing your activities. Also, ditch the technology and spend money on the extras. These simple steps allow you and your partner to reconnect and increase the romance in your relationship!

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