Top Tips That Can be Useful to All Newcomers to Diablo 4

Diablo 4
Top Tips That Can be Useful to All Newcomers to Diablo 4

Just recently, Diablo 4 was finally released to full release and many players went to the Blizzard servers to play the new company of the famous dark fantasy, explore new acts and approach replays on an increased level of difficulty, as it always happens in all versions of the Diablo game series.

You have to learn how to choose and use your class, farm equipment and weapons, earn or buy diablo 4 gold, repair equipment, complete acts and unlock new difficulty levels, go to high-lvl content and world bosses, battles with other players and teams to identify the strongest representatives of the server.

Top Tips That Can be Useful to All Newcomers to Diablo 4

Class Selection

Choose and master one of the five available classes, which will become your main character. Feel free to test each of them to make your final choice, if you haven’t already done so at the CBT and OBT stages.

You can choose:

  • Barbarian – melee fighter, uses rage and berserk to disperse his damage, vulnerable to attacks from a long distance.
  • The demon hunter is an archer and dagger, based on the prototypes of the Amazon and the assassin. The class deals strong physical damage, has the potential for AoE attacks, and consumes arrows.
  • The Mage is a strong AoE class, owns several schools of elements and attacks enemies by spending mana and combining the elements of fire, ice and lightning. It has weak defense and high damage.
  • Druid is a character with summoning skills who gathers the spirits of the forest and animals around him to attack enemies. The hero himself can change his appearance, turning into a bear, or a wolf. The bear is strong and protected, but clumsy. The wolf, on the contrary, is fast, but ineffective in battle and is needed to speed up the hero.
  • The Necromancer is a magician with the ability to raise the dead to create his own army and a large set of negative effects for single and mass battles. One of the simplest classes – there are plenty of resources to create an army, and the essence that replaces mana accumulates very quickly. You can summon skeletons, golems and liches. They serve as tanks, physical fighters and magic units.
Top Tips That Can be Useful to All Newcomers to Diablo 4

Beginning of the game

You will spawn in the starting village of the Diablo 4 world and begin your journey with the bare minimum of equipment that is needed only to get the first level and learn the first skill. Everything else will have to be obtained in combat, but each class has enough potential to quickly level up, you just need to experiment with builds and strive for the best equipment, which will be enough to drop from local monsters.


All the story actions that you need to go through to explore the world of Diablo 4 and to open new difficulty levels, where the most valuable items of equipment will be obtained and the feeling of a real challenge will appear.


Diablo has always been built around the concept of dungeons for character development and leveling, giving zones more flavor and allowing the player to find more rewards and gold in smaller zones and territories.

Some of the dungeons will have a dead end area of several levels, at the end of which a chest with a random reward will be waiting for you.

The second part of the dungeons will have a passage option, when after clearing all the rooms and levels, in addition to the rewards, you will also receive access to the transition to another territory that you have not been to before.


You need to get a mount at the earliest opportunity to speed up your movement and be able to run around enemies, avoiding fights you don’t need.

Such a case will be provided to you after the passage of the third act, in which you will be sent to the Cathedral of Light, having completed all the related tasks there, you will be provided with your first mount.

The horse cannot be pumped, but it can be modified and customized in any way you like, giving it an additional personality.


All your actions on the Blizzard game servers that can benefit the community and you personally can be used to increase levels of fame.

You need to open new territories, find and activate Lilith altars, complete secondary quests and other activities.

There are 5 renown ranks in total, and each rank will bring a specific reward, including in-game gold, skill points, potions, and power-up items for equipment.

Equipment and its repair

All equipment in Diablo 4 is subject to wear and tear and can always break down and become unusable.

Depreciation works when using equipment and weapons and when dying – death greatly spoils the overall durability indicator for any equipment.

Weapons and armor can and should be repaired, for this you need to find a blacksmith, who is in all large and small towns and villages, and pay the cost of repairs.

The more valuable the thing, the more expensive the repair, but the stronger its performance will be.

As for the value of the equipment itself, most of the items that you will come across at the beginning of the game will be of the usual white quality – this means a minimum of characteristics and no amplifiers for the character’s skills.

Gradually, with pumping, increasing the level of complexity of the zones and increasing the chances of finding a magic item, you will increasingly drop more valuable items, which will significantly increase the chances of knocking out something more useful.

The Most Effective Armor and Weapons are Legendary and Set.

legendary equipment is equipment and weapons that have a large set of characteristics and enhance some skills for the character. It will not always be suitable for your hero, and if the characteristics are suitable, then you can temporarily use it until you get better equipment, but it is better to look for equipment specifically for your class, and you will have such an opportunity in raids, on final bosses and just while hunting at high difficulty levels.

Set armor is a weak piece of equipment in itself, which greatly increases its performance when receiving other items from the same set.

Roughly speaking, one item can only give a small increase in critical damage, and two items will already increase both the attack speed and the skill of the class they are intended for – in the description of each item, the hero who can wear it is indicated.

Other players will not be able to equip such a thing, but it can always be sold, or exchanged for a more suitable one from other gamers.

Each class has its own important set of characteristics, and such an approach in armor and weapons is made so that players do not wear equipment they do not need by mistake, for the sake of protection parameters, or simply out of ignorance.

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