Tossing and Turning at Night? How CBD Gummies Can Help

Each year, millions of people suffer from sleeplessness or experience trouble staying asleep. While many people use traditional treatment options, such as over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids, these drugs come with worrisome warning labels and side effects. These medications can also be ineffective and even addictive for some.

Looking for a safer, all-natural alternative to getting quality sleep? Look no further than THC free CBD gummies. CBD interacts with receptors that make up the endocannabinoid system. This system controls many of the body’s physiological processes, including the immune system, hormone levels, pain, and sleep/wake cycles.

Here’s how a tasty CBD gummy may be the nightcap you need for restful nights.

CBD Lowers Anxiety

Are you one of the many people that suffer from racing thoughts and never-ending worries when lying in bed? Stress and anxiety are some of the most common causes of insomnia and poor sleep. The good news is that CBD has shown to be effective in minimizing anxiety, which makes it easier to sleep at night.

CBD is beneficial for sleep in many ways. First, the cannabinoid helps to regulate cortisol, which is a stress hormone. Cortisol greatly impacts non-REM sleep cycles.

For those with nighttime anxiety, CBD has shown to have a calming effect on the central nervous system. A small human study of 72 adults found that sleep scores improved within the first month of using CBD in almost 67% of participants.

Another study found that CBD helped people fall asleep faster. Out of the 1,521 participants, the average time it took for people to fall asleep fell from 62 minutes to just 20 minutes. Participants also reported less sleep disruptions at night, with only 9% reporting waking up tired.

CBD Offers Pain Relief

Another driving factor that can keep people up at night is pain. Whether you suffer from mild, chronic, or acute pain, not being comfortable in bed makes it much harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. Unlike sleep aids, CBD gummies are able to treat the symptoms that are keeping you awake.

When consumed, CBD interacts with the receptors in the endocannabinoid system. These receptors receive chemical signals which then help cells to respond. This response creates pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects, which can be quite beneficial in effective pain management.

When you aren’t in pain, it’s much easier to get comfortable and stay asleep at night. The added benefit of taking CBD gummies is that there are no worries of dependence or any kind of negative symptoms.

No More Nightmares

Nightmares aren’t just for kids! While you may not be dreaming of monsters hiding in your closet, the fact remains that nightmares do have a negative impact on sleep quality in many adults. This is especially true for people who suffer from REM sleep behavior disorder. This disorder causes:

  • Increased nightmares
  • Restlessness
  • Sleep paralysis

If you suffer from REM sleep behavior disorder, taking CBD gummies at night may be able to help. One study found that patients who took CBD experienced fewer side effects of their sleep disorder, without any negative side effects.

Daytime Alertness

Not only can CBD gummies improve your nights, they may also be able to improve your days. Depending on the time of day that you take CBD, you may experience a dual effect. As CBD helps to regulate the body’s sleep/wake cycle, you’ll not only sleep better at night, you may also experience more wakefulness during the day.

This means the risk of experiencing daytime sleepiness will be much lower. Feeling tired during the day can impact your ability to concentrate, which decreases productivity.

If you want to feel more alert during the day while also getting more restful sleep, try taking CBD gummies during the daytime.

Tips for Choosing Quality CBD Gummies

There is no shortage of CBD gummy products. Not only are there hundreds of different brands to choose from, gummies are also available in a wide range of flavors, shapes, and concentrations. With so many options, it can be hard to know which CBD gummy is best for you.

Check the Ingredients

If you want to take the best CBD gummies to improve your sleep, consider choosing a product that contains melatonin. Melatonin also helps with the body’s sleep/wake cycle, so you’ll get an extra boost that will help you get restful sleep.

It’s also important to pay attention to other ingredients. High quality CBD gummies are made with CBD that’s harvested from USA-grown hemp. Quality gummies also tend to include all natural, organic ingredients. This way you can buy with confidence, knowing that the gummies you choose have a very low risk of negative side effects.

Review the COA

Another sign of a high quality CBD product is the existence of a certificate of analysis (COA). A COA gives you all of the insight into what a CBD gummy contains. The COA lists vital details, such as the existence (and percentage) of:


  • CBD and THC


  • Other cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Solvents
  • Heavy metals



With this information, you can confirm the product’s ingredients and the amounts. Don’t purchase any CBD gummies that haven’t been third-party lab tested.

Check the Reviews

Last but most definitely not least, when looking for CBD gummies for better sleep, take the time to read customer reviews and testimonials. Avoid new CBD brands that don’t have much industry authority. Instead, look for a brand that has a history and has tons of positive reviews.

See what customers have to say. If reviews are mostly positive, you’ve likely found a brand that you can trust. If reviews seem suspicious or are mostly negative, find another brand.


Tired of losing sleep at night? Say goodbye to racing thoughts, tossing and turning, and nightmares with delicious CBD gummies. Simply find your optimal dosage and enjoy these chews throughout the day to enjoy better, more restful nights.

Written by George K.

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