Vaping vs. Smoking – Everything You Need to Know

Have you been hearing about vaping a lot but still confused about when to have your first go at it? There is also the possibility that you want to be turning to vape to quit regular smoking cigarettes. Whatever the situation is, you ought to know all sides of vaping before you proceed to have your first go at it. 

The Essential Difference Between an E-Cig and a Regular Cigarette

The essential difference between an E cigarette and a regular cigarette is that the regular cigarette makes you consume nicotine while tobacco is burned. The consumption of nicotine while burning tobacco can cause serious health issues, such as lung-related diseases, cancer, and heart issues.

In contrast to the regular cigarettes that burn tobacco, the e-cigarettes deliver nicotine in a much less harmful way. Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigarettes heat a liquid. Resultantly, the vapor is produced in smoke, and less damage is caused to the nearby people. Despite giving a similar feel, vaping is cheaper than smoking regular tobacco cigarettes.

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What is More Harmful?

All kinds of smoking products are harmful to health. The burning of tobacco produces harmful toxins that can seriously damage one’s health. Regular cigarettes can also seriously damage the health of by-passers. If you care about your health, we recommend that you go cold turkey and stop smoking altogether. Nonetheless, the final decisions rest on you and what works best for you. Some people find it hard to go cold turkey. Instead, they find cutting down and consuming fewer fags easier than quitting altogether.

Another option is replacing smoking with vaping with the end-goal of quitting it too. When we analyze both smoking and vaping’s potential harms, we find that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Don’t misunderstand us. Nowhere did we mention that vaping is completely harmless, as vaping has its own set of potential harms and risks. However, when compared to regular cigarettes, vaping releases less toxic elements in the air and has a less damaging impact.

The Nicotine Level

As stated earlier, nicotine is delivered by both vaping and smoking. The only difference lies in the underlying mechanism of regular cigarettes and e-cigarettes. Regular cigarettes deliver nicotine by burning tobacco, whereas the nicotine delivered through vaping is through e-liquid, which is way more harmless than burning tobacco.

When it comes to regular smoking cigarettes, the tobacco amount is generally fixed. The ratio of tobacco intake depends on the number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day. Vaping works differently from smoking because the nicotine ratio depends on how one chooses to vape and the potential of the e-liquid.

Some people argue that vaping is as addictive as smoking. Now, this might be true, but many more factors are working behind the scene. You see that vaping is immensely popular due to the wide variety of flavors one can enjoy with e-cigarettes. The variety of flavors and different flavor blends is also the most significant reason (other than pop-culture) that vaping is of utmost popular amongst teenagers and young adults. With smoking, people essentially get addicted to nicotine. However, it is the flavor blend that counts more than nicotine itself when it comes to vaping.

Does Vaping Feel Differently Than Smoking

With vaping and smoking, the difference of feel is more social than practical. However, many people who were chain smokers believe that vaping has helped them to quit smoking. Referring to the feel, vaping implies a similar “hand-to-mouth” activity in smoking a regular cigarette. Due to vapor, vaping can be done more discreetly than smoking regular cigarettes. Lastly, we would recommend vaping only if you aim to quit smoking. The best option for your health is neither to smoke or vape.  

Written by George K.

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