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Water Filling Machines: How to Produce Clean Bottled Water?

Even in the 21st century, the scarcity of safe drinking water is evident even in modern cities. When you are at home, you can resort to boiling and filtering for clean and safe drinking water for you and your family.

But when outside, that’s not possible. This is the reason why consumers’ demand for clean bottled water is increasing day by day. Production of bottled water is quite simple, but the process has to be immaculate in every step to ensure safety.

Among all the steps, the role of the water filling machines is the most pivotal. You will see why I made that claim. Let’s talk about it in a bit more detail. 

Production Line of Bottled Water

The production line of bottled water is simple yet fascinating. Let’s take a look at the steps of bottled water production:

1. Unprocessed Water Supply

Bottled water can come from a variety of sources. Most drinking water companies source the water from tap water. You shouldn’t be alarmed because tap water is purified and pretty safe in regulation with the FDA. Companies also source water from wells, springs, or surface water.

2. Water Processing

Purification is one of the most important steps of bottled water production. This step differentiates bottled water from tap water. There are various methods of water purification. The most common and widely used one is reverse osmosis.

3. Aseptic Bottle Production

Most companies don’t produce water bottles; they outsource them from other companies. Of course, after bringing the bottles, they undergo thorough purification for asepsis. There’s no point in purifying water if contaminations from bottles undo it all.

4. Labeling

Water bottles have to be labeled according to state and federal law. The label is printed on glossy paper. Information like production date, volume, constituents, source, price, etc., are mentioned on the label.

5. Aseptic Water Filling

Aseptic water filling is perhaps the most important step of bottled water production. When filling the bottle with water, manufacturers have to ensure that no impurities are added in the process. There are specialized machines for aseptic water filling. The type of machine depends on the bottle type, size, and production volume.

The process for making bottle caps is called injection molding. Plastic caps are for plastic bottles, and metal caps are used for glass bottles. There is a special type of machine for putting caps on water bottles.

6. Inspection

After filling the bottles with water and putting the caps and before packing, it is time for inspection. This is very important for quality control. Any bottle that does not match the required criteria is scrapped from the production line. Highly advanced computerized machines are used for this purpose.

7. Packing

Finally, the bottles are packed using foils and head out to various distributors. Depending on the distributor’s area, they are shipped using truck, rail, or ship.

Water Filling Machines: How to Produce Clean Bottled Water?

Criteria of a Standard Water Filling Machine

There are lots of models of water filling machines from various manufacturers. But what are the features of a water filling machine? Let’s take a look:

1. Good Air Tightness

A good Water packing machine has to be airtight. The air is full of dust and various harmful particles. Although the air of the filing room is purified, you never know what might slip through. So, the machine must be fully airtight.

2. Aseptic

Aseptic technique is a must for producing safe bottled waters. Contactless bottle filling is a relatively recent technology that is the method of choice these days. It ensures 100% asepsis when filling water bottles.

3. Accurate

The machine has to be extremely accurate. Even the slightest mishap can tarnish the reputation of your company. Although such tiny maladjustment is unnoticeable in human eyes, you have to maintain the standard.

4. Stable Functioning

The demand for bottled water is constant. To match the demand, you’ll have to make sure that the machines in your factory are capable of working continuously and stay functioning.

5. Fast Drainage

Clean in place (CIP) is a feature that cleans the inside of the tank and the interior of the filling machine, piping system, etc. It’s like descaling coffee machines. Water flows through the entire machine and comes out of the nozzles. Faster drainage is essential for water filling machines because they are large. Fast drainage means fast cleaning.

6. In-time Cleaning

Easy cleaning and maintenance are the precursors for the longevity of water-filling machines. If you can’t take good care of them, they won’t last long. In-time cleaning and proper maintenance are the cardinal features of standard water filling machines.

Water Filling Machines: How to Produce Clean Bottled Water?

Why Does Tech-Long’s Water Filling Machines are Industry Favorite?

Tech-Long has been in this business for over 20 years. Their machines work wonders and always follow the industry standards. Tech-Longs water filling machines offer everything you would want out of your investment.

Accurate fill level control ensures accuracy. Non-contact filling guarantees hygiene. For optimum and convenient cleaning of the machine, they have included an automatic CIP feature. They have different machines for filling bottles of different sizes and materials.

Their large fillers can fill 18000 bottles per hour, and small bottle fillers can fill 80000 to 100000 bottles per hour. All of their water filling machines are fast, dependable, and easy to maintain.


Tech-Long is a highly renowned packaging company. The reputation of their products has spread to every corner of the globe. Besides water filling machines, they make a wide variety of packaging products as well as relevant machinery. If you’re interested to learn more about Tech-Long and how they can help you with your production, visit their website right away. 

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