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WFH Trends Shaping The Future Of Businesses

WFH Trends Shaping The Future Of Businesses

The revenue generation goals of companies revolve around the productivity of their employees. Keeping that in mind, businesses do not even hesitate to look beyond the obvious. Unlike in the past when working in offices was the usual norm, it is not the case these days. The emergence of remote technology has made it possible for companies to allow their employees to operate outside the office space. The concept of work from home (WFH) exemplifies it to perfection.

No doubt, the WFH approach is not above challenges. But it also presents ample exciting possibilities to businesses with its scope and email marketing tools. Moreover, it can change with the changing times. This aspect has helped WFH shape up the fate of companies in many ways. The year 2021 is important from the standpoint of its trends.

5 WFH Trends to Stay In 2021

The year 2021 has already begun, so you might want to know more about how WFH trends are transforming businesses. Together, the current and the future WFH trends are likely to transform business activities in the next few years down the line.

Here are the top five WFH trends that are likely to stay put in 2021.

  • Hybrid Models

Hybrid models have changed the perception of working in offices. They have helped employees switch to a flexible working schedule at home from the traditional 9-hour working shift. A hybrid WFH model enables them to work from the comfort of their home. Hybrid WFH models are necessary for companies during these challenging times where employees are forced to stay at home to curb the spread of the deadly virus.

In 2021, hybrid models will work to promote both flexibility and convenience of employees. As a result, they will be able to execute their tasks in accordance with their dynamics. Such an arrangement is likely to create a win-win situation for both companies and employees alike by elevating productivity.

  • Productivity Tools

Employees need to complete their assigned tasks within a given duration of time. This constitutes one of their major pain points.

Repetitive tasks not only take a lot of time but also effort to conclude. Productivity can lend a helping hand in the smooth and error-free conclusion of tasks within a specific time frame.

Email marketing tools such as MailChimp, coupled with email marketing services like SMTP Relay, possess the potential to make a positive contribution in regard. Evernote, BrightNest, 24me, Todoist, and SyncBackFree are the other noteworthy options in this connection.

These email marketing tools reduce the effort and hassle of professionals concerning handling vast volumes of emails.

  • Asynchronous Communication

For any technology solution provider with staff members working from its premises and home, maintaining proper communication Among the team members is of paramount importance. Asynchronous communication provides a reliable solution in this regard.

In recent years, the nature of communication has changed primarily due to the increased dependence on virtual presence. It is evident in the manner in which different teams of technology firms communicated with each other.

Asynchronous communication has helped remove the constraints related to the availability of employees and their zones. With the modern tools at their disposal, team members, who either operate on the premises or from their home, can maintain proper communication with one another.

  • Cybersecurity

Data is a valuable asset for businesses. Therefore, all business firms try to secure their data in the best possible manner as far as possible. To achieve this objective, the majority of them deploy the latest technological solutions related to cybersecurity.

WFH, which is centered on remote technology, presents a unique challenge to companies in terms of cybersecurity. Because the employees who work in the WFH model operate outside the office premises, companies need to be specific about the kind of cybersecurity technologies they intend to use.

In 2021, companies are likely to invest more in cybersecurity technologies Such as VPN and encryption for the work from home model. The technological solution would depend mainly on the cybersecurity objectives of a company.

In addition, companies are also likely to take measures to train their remote working staff members on the usage of the latest cybersecurity technologies.

  • Emotional Intelligence

The work from home (WFH) concept has created a disconnect between employees. Communication barriers characterize this due to remote methods, which go against the conventional method of operating from a confined space.

When there is a lack of communication, it is likely to impact human emotions and the emotional intelligence of humans. Being social animals, humans are habituated by nature to live together and communicate with one another.

Addressing this issue in time can save hassles at subsequent stages for businesses. Keeping it in mind, companies have started assigning the task of ensuring the optimal level of emotional intelligence without fail.


To sum up, the above WFH trends that are popular in 2021 are likely to influence future trends for businesses. If you have not paid attention to these trends yet, think about them to steer your business objectives through to their destination.

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