What are Buffs Glasses? Best Places to Buy Buffs Glasses

What are Buffs Glasses? Best Places to Buy Buffs Glasses

Cartier buffs are eyewear designed by the luxury jewelry brand Cartier. Their glasses are renowned for their high quality, above-average standards, excellent workmanship, and highly recognizable code. Cartier, Cardis, also known as “ye’s” or “stick”, Cartier buffs sunglasses are becoming more and more popular in Detroit. 

(Matter of fact, this term was first coined actually in Detroit.)

Where Did Buffs Sunglasses Come From?

Cartier buffs sunglasses refers to the brand’s most coveted eyewear collection. The Cartier eyeglasses became popular in Detroit and became a must-have status symbol. It is one of the first eyewear to combine a thin frame with gold rims, Bubinga wood, and Cartier double C decorative details. 

Since 1847, Cartier has become an established and indisputable symbol of true timeless luxury. Often referred to as the “Maison Cartier,” the brand is characterized by mastering all the unique skills and abilities used to create Cartier’s work. They have been truly focusing on design, innovation, and expertise excellence, the Maison is in a unique and enviable position, a true leader and pioneer in the field. 

Founded by Louis-Francois Cartier in 1847, Maison Cartier quickly succeeded in the French court. With 10 years of educational experience in the jewelry workshop, Louis is Cartier’s most iconic figure, creating iconic designs such as “Tank”, “Santos” and platinum works.

 After nearly 100 years of bespoke orders,  Cartier introduced its first eyewear collection, Remast, and Vendome de Cartier, in 1984. 

Since then, Cartier eyewear has been a fashion staple with a strong connection to social status. What’s so special about Cartier Buff with an average retail price of over $ 2,500?

Cartier Buffs & Detroit’s Fashion

In May 2019, 18-year-old Lateo Garrett was murdered. Lateo Garrett was killed at a gas station on Seven Mile Road. According to officials, he was shot when the man tried to grab his glasses and Garrett retreated. 

In May 2012, 23-year-old Ellis Ross was killed at a birthday party for his sunglasses. Defenders are investigating the dangerous relationship between Detroit and Cartier eyewear. 

Detroit-Frequently referred to in pop culture, Cartier Buffalo sunglasses are considered a unique status symbol in Detroit. 

Many may consider price tags over $ 2,500 to be frivolous, but others claim that eyeglasses have been successful. Not only is the price paid in dollars, but Cartier sunglasses can also be life-threatening. 

In May 2019, 18-year-old Lateo Garrett was killed at a gas station on Seven Mile Road near Outer Drive. 

According to officials, he was shot when the man tried to grab his glasses and Garrett retreated. 

Carter Buffs or White Buffs?

Cartier eyeglasses with ivory horn feet are referenced by White Glasses.  The rectangle-shaped frame is made with a sleek vintage brass, c-décor detail, three-flex springs, and black lenses; this was one of the finest, and hence most valuable, on the markets.

Why is Cartier glass called a buff? 

Why is Cartier glass called a buff? The term refers to the buffalo horn, a material used in some of Cartier’s most expensive eyewear designs.

Cartier uses a unique pattern of South American and Asian natural horns. The horn is a natural material that provides different shades to give each frame its own personality. The horn is layered for added stability and elasticity. Since it is not varnished, it can be polished over time to regain its brilliance.

Cartier Sunglass’s thin cross-shaped stripes construction guarantees the quality, durability, and stability of each of the frames. The Cartier horn frame is not lacquered and can be re-polished over time. The unmistakable design of the Buffalo Horn is for men and women looking for sophisticated, striking, unique, and sometimes modern diamond, onyx, and gold eyewear.

How to Take Care of Your Cartier’s Buff Glasses?

The brand’s jewelry know-how is incorporated into every design, giving each piece a certain level of uniqueness. Cartier glass is hand-painted and made from natural materials such as wood and horns, so each of the frames has its own story. 

 If you are wearing glasses,  you should use not one, but both of your hands to take off your glasses. Also, use both hands to secure the temple to the side of the cheek. This may sound ridiculous, but using only one hand will damage the frame over time. Uneven handling of eyeglasses affects the balance of sensitive legs.

Decorated with elegance and splendor, Cartier’s eyewear collection stands out, with Cartier’s initials and symbols used as unique and precious eyeglasses. Therefore, these perfect lenses and frames need to be naturally cared for to avoid accelerating deterioration of the lenses and frames.

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