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What Are the Best Pet Hotels in Dallas?

Pet Hotels

Pets are an important part of any family, and they should always get treated as such. When you need to be away from home overnight, it makes sense that you want your pet to have the best care possible. Using a pet hotel is a great idea and mutually beneficial for both yourself and your animal. We will be taking a look at some of the best pet hotels in Dallas to find a trustworthy place for you to choose from.

Benefits of Using Pet Hotels

Some people are hesitant to leave their pets in the hands of strangers. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the facility and staff members and take a tour before you book a room for your pet. This will keep your mind at ease that they are in the best place that you can give them. There are many benefits of using pet hotels, which include but are not limited to the following:

  •       Regular interaction with people and other pets
  •       Trained staff members to take care of any accommodations your pet needs
  •       Secure facility to prevent pets from escaping
  •       Nutritious meals with high-quality food
  •       Ability to view your pets via webcams
  •       Sufficient exercise through walks and playtime

Pooch Hotel

The Pooch Hotel offers a range of boarding services for dogs, ranging from the Junior Suite to the Top Dog Suite. The suites have services such as a TV for your dogs to listen to, human-sized beds, and family photos for your dog to feel more at home. All of the suites offer playtime of up to 4 hours. If your dog is well-behaved, it will be able to play with other canine inhabitants. Otherwise, they can take advantage of the hotel’s one-on-one playtime options.

Owners also can request to add webcams to the dog’s suite. You can create an online account and log in to view the webcam footage of your pup.

Paradise 4 Paws

Paradise 4 Paws caters to dogs and cats in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The cats remain separated from the dogs in their personalized suites. Each suite has a litter box, water foundation, and a range of views to keep the cat entertained. The company also has an Adventure Jungle area specifically for cats to climb, stretch their legs, and enjoy watching fish in the aquarium.

Small dogs also enjoy their separate area in the pet resort. You can choose various upgrades for your dog’s suite, such as adding a larger bed, step stools to help them climb up on furniture, and in-suite webcams. Otherwise, the webcam would be available in the play area only.

Paw Lofts

Paw Lofts is a luxury hotel where your dogs and cats can stay overnight. The cats will stay in a separate area from the dogs. Each suite has a cat condo and a built-in aquarium for the cat’s enjoyment. The company will give the cat premium food at mealtime, but they will substitute it for anything you request. As bonus features, the hotel staff can provide catnip toys or extra attention.

Dogs will have a minimum of three potty breaks per day, while most other resorts only offer two. The staff will keep your dog active with fun activities throughout the day. You will be able to choose which options your dog will participate in. The dog suites also include room service and soothing music to keep them happy and calm. This includes classical music, which has been shown to help people and animals sleep better.

Pet Resort Dallas

Exclusively designed for dogs, this resort has a multitude of amenities for your pet to enjoy. The outdoor play area includes a waterpark and artificial turf. The indoor play area has cushioned rubber matting on the floor to keep your dog’s paws protected. Each suite has a drain to keep the room sanitized in the event of a potty accident. All the beds get raised off the ground, and you can request adding a lamb fleece pad to make the animal more comfortable.

You can keep up to two dogs in the same suite, but they must be approximately the same size. If the dog is at the hotel for at least four nights, they will receive a bath before you come to pick them up.

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