What Are the Common Types of Cannabinoids?

Around 18% of people in the United States have used cannabis at some point in the past. What you might not know about cannabis is that it is filled with more than 100 unique types of cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are chemicals found in the cannabis plant that are capable of doing different things to the mind and body. 

But what are the most common types of cannabinoids, and how can they affect you? What happens if you try them individually? Keep reading and learn more about these unique and natural chemical compounds below.

What You Need to Know About THC

THC is undoubtedly one of the most popular cannabinoids around. This is because this is the cannabinoid that can produce a psychoactive high when consumed. In fact, THC is the only cannabinoid out of the entire cannabis plant that can do this. 

Because it is so unique, you will often see it in all sorts of cannabis products. Natural cannabis flower contains a certain amount of THC, which can only get a person so high. However, some cannabis farmers have specifically bred different strains of cannabis in order to get a product with a more intense concentration of THC. 

The more THC that is present in a product, the more intense the resulting high will be. When a person consumes cannabis products that contain THC, they can experience a whole variety of effects. THC tends to create a feeling of relaxation and sometimes tiredness. 

The Details

Many people experience something known as the “munchies” which is when THC makes them feel very hungry. There have been many scientific studies conducted with this unique cannabinoid, and it has been found that this cannabinoid may have anti-inflammatory properties. 

This is because it is rich in antioxidants which are able to fight against inflammatory free radicals in the body. By reducing the number of free radicals as well as the damage they cause, these antioxidants can soothe the body. This is important for those who suffer from inflammatory conditions. 

While THC is not able to cure any condition, it may still be helpful for alleviating certain symptoms. Some studies have even found that many cannabinoids from the marijuana plant are even able to alleviate some of the symptoms of anxiety. This may be due to the general feeling of relaxation and calmness that THC in particular is able to produce. 

Don’t Forget About CBD

CBD is yet another very popular type of cannabinoid. It may be even more popular than THC since it is more widespread across the country. When it comes to CBD vs THC, the main difference is that CBD does not produce a psychoactive high when consumed. 

Interestingly, when CBD is combined with THC in certain products or when they occur naturally together in cannabis flower, it seems that the combination can make the effects of THC more intense. Whatever the case, when CBD is taken alone, you will not feel yourself getting high. However, that does not mean that CBD doesn’t do anything at all. 

On the contrary, like THC, CBD is a very powerful antioxidant. Many people like to take CBD as a sort of supplement for that reason. Because of its amazing ability to fight free radicals and prevent free radical damage, it only makes sense that consuming it as part of your daily routine can be very healthy for you. 

What You Need to Know

CBD is very versatile, and it comes in many different forms. Its most common form is CBD oil. You can pour this oil on your food, add it to your favorite drinks, swallow a few drops directly, or even use it topically. 

The possibilities are endless when using CBD. CBD only ever has 0.03% THC, which is not enough to produce a high. However, it is believed that the addition of these trace amounts of THC can make CBD more effective in general. Many types of CBD also have other components mixed in, such as plant oils and fats, along with terpenes. 

Besides CBD oil, there are also vapes and creams that you can enjoy. There are even CBD gummies that you can enjoy (in moderation, of course). 

What About CBG?

CBG is not as well known as the previous two cannabinoids, but it is quickly becoming more popular. The interesting thing about CBG is that it is the precursor to both THC and CBD, along with every other cannabinoid in the entire cannabis plant. CBG turns into these different cannabinoids through a chemical process known as decarboxylation. 

In terms of quantity, there is not as much CBG naturally produced in cannabis and hemp plants compared to other cannabinoids. But what exactly does this cannabinoid do? As with other cannabinoids, it has been found that CBG is also anti-inflammatory due to its high levels of antioxidants. 

For that reason, people have been starting to take advantage of its benefits with CBG distillate and other similar products. As with CBD, CBG does not produce a high when consumed. It is also just as easy to consume as CBD. 

All About the Different Types of Cannabinoids

There are many different types of cannabinoids out there, and it is important to know the difference between them if you are thinking about trying some of them. One of the most popular ones is THC since it is the only one to produce a psychoactive high. However, both CBD and CBG are useful since they are anti-inflammatory. 

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