What Does Military Service Status Mean?

What Does Military Service Status Mean?

In the United States, it is critical for businesses to keep up with customers who have served in the military. Servicemembers Civil Relief Act provides specific benefits and protections to those who have served in the military, particularly those currently serving. By failing to abide by this law, businesses could face fines and penalties from the Department of Defense or courts.

What is the Status of Military Service?

Individuals with military status have either served in the United States armed forces or have served in the armed forces of a US state. Using this code, the Revised Code section 5923.05 describes how long someone has been in “service in the uniformed services,” or military service. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guards are all included in this. Also included in this definition are any armed forces that may be established by a state or the federal government in accordance with local laws.

Verification of Active Duty Military Service

If you’ve served in the military or have served in the military in the past, you are eligible for certain benefits. However, before you can receive the benefits, you must provide proof of your military service. The verification is necessary for the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA), which protects current and former military personnel.

Military Classifications

In the military, there are a wide variety of ranks and classifications. To extend the legally-binding benefits and protections reserved for active and former service members, businesses must be aware of these types. Different military statuses have different levels and types of protection.

What kind of military status are you currently in?

  • Active Duty– When a person is listed as “active duty,” it means that they are actively serving in the military. People who join the military are obligated to do so for a specific amount of time, usually between two and six years. Anywhere in the United States or abroad, they can carry out their duties. Educational opportunities are available to military personnel who are in an active duty status.
  • Reserve– A military reserve member is a person who serves on a part-time basis. When wars or emergencies arise, the military has the option of deploying them to active duty. Many other benefits, such as financial aid for education, are available to members of the Reserves.
  • Veteran– Veterans are people who have served in the military but have been honorably discharged for a variety of reasons, such as health issues or other circumstances beyond their control. Military veterans are entitled to a wide range of legal protections and benefits.
  • Retired– Retired military personnel is those who have served in the United States Armed Forces for at least 20 years and were given an honorable discharge at the conclusion of their service. Veterans’ benefits are available to this group of ex-servicemen, as well.
  • Non-military service status- It refers to civilians who are serving in various branches of the military as non-combatants and are not taking any formal military or combat training.

Additionally, spouses of service members are entitled to a number of special privileges. Depending on whether or not the spouse has served in the military, different protections apply.


In the United States, military personnel and veterans are entitled to a wide range of benefits and protections. Depending on a person’s level of military service, these benefits can vary widely. Legally, businesses in the United States must comply with the law by extending the defined benefits to current and former military personnel. Failure to do so could result in legal issues for the company involved.

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