What Every Musician Should Know About Spotify for Artist

Spotify for Artists enables artists to see fans listening to their music and taking control of their profiles. Artists are also able to discover new tools and additions whenever they get launched.

In this article, we will discuss features and uses which every other artist needs to know and understand about Spotify for Artists.

How to become a verified artist

There are several advantages of becoming a verified artist on Spotify for the Artist site. One of the benefits is that listeners will identify you in the profile and not a parody. After you register in Spotify for Artists, you will be automatically approved and verified.

How do you know a profile is verified? By getting a blue verification checkmark. If using a distributor to have your music on Spotify, you can quickly get instant access to the site by logging into the distributor account. From there, you will get your approval and verification check in a few minutes.

How to Access Spotify for Artists

It is effortless to access Spotify for artists on the go by downloading its app. Those using iPhones can download the app on the App Store, while those on android can access it on Google Play Store. The app gives you the privilege of managing your songs and tracking the new releases.

What else does the app do? With an app, you can create your profile by updating your biography and playlists, promoting your tracks, and controlling your presence on Spotify. You will also be able to follow up on releases in real-time, whether in the studio or on the road. What’s more with the app? You will be able to learn more concerning your listeners.

Statistics: It shows who is listening

Spotify for artists enables you to know who is listening and how your music performs on the website. You will be able to track your songs, understand the best performing, among other stats. You will also be able to see how fans across the globe are discovering your music and which countries are leading in listening to your music.

With these statistics, you can run advertisements, get new singles, and even plan promotional tours to meet your fans. You will be able to estimate the number of fans in a specific region, giving you a clear guide on whether to run a show in those regions.

Spotify for Artists lets you control your profile

On Spotify for artists, you will get a profile. This profile contains your music and other content. The profile lets fans discover more about you, your music, your new releases, your tours, and even other latest additions. The app helps you take charge of your profile.

You can update it to reflect your new singles or your music journey to where you are now. You will also be able to manage the music and determine what to share with the fans. By going through this technical article you will see that it is also possible to add team members.

When fans search for your profile, they will see your image, click on it, and redirect them to your profile. You can change profile pictures by uploading new ones whenever you want to reflect on the latest releases. With Spotify for artists, you will be unique, verified, and real to your fans.

How to connect with your fans on Spotify for artists

With Spotify for Artists, it is easy to connect with your fans. You can let the fans know the music you love and what inspires your music and much more. You can also promote your shows by letting your fans know you are in town and ready for a show or informing them of a new release.

You will also be able to feature the music you love by announcing your tour, giving out shootouts with your music, and showcasing your playlists. Spotify for artists site informs your fans about nearby shows and can update listeners on what’s happening through their emails.

Other benefits for Spotify for artists include merchandising, whereby clients can sell their wares through the site. These include custom T-shirts, hoodies, leggings, and other branded promotional items. Once these items get listed, they will get populated in the profile where fans can view and purchase them according to their likes and preferences.

Spotify for Artists is an excellent app for artists which they should try and see how they can manage and promote their music. They can generate enough income, too, by selling their wares and other promotional items.

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