What Is A Psychic Medium and How Do They Work?

Psychics and mediums have been around since humans have been around. Some of our earliest stories and recorded history are of supernatural powers that certain, special individuals possess. This is a tradition and the knowledge that has been passed down in every culture, all over the world, even in isolated tribes. So what makes us think that they don’t exist today? They definitely do. When we talk about psychic abilities, we often have a certain idea in our heads. A lot that is perpetuated by Hollywood. The more sensational, the better. The truth is, psychics and mediums exist rather matter-of-factly. It is not something that they can necessarily choose to be. They can only choose to act on it. 

For anybody that has been curious, or isn’t familiar with the world of paranormal communication, we are going to explore what a medium does, and how exactly a medium works. It’s quite fascinating, to say the least.

Conduit to the Other Side 

A medium is a conduit to the other side. They receive certain signals that other people don’t have the capability of receiving. It’s not that they actively have conversations with the dead— although these have been claimed, they serve as beacons in a way that allows for messages to be relayed. In our mind, the world of the spirits is a faraway place. It is either up above, down below, in a completely different galaxy. It is neither of those. The spirit world is but a veil of perception away. This is a commonly held idea among most mediums. Being able to interact with the world is a bit difficult to explain due to the lack of universally shared experiences in this manner. But it has been said, over and over, that it is much like stepping backstage at a concert. It’s the same stage, It’s just the part that nobody gets to see without a pass.

Mediums Are Everyday People

When you visit a medium, they are mostly charming and not at all what you think they will be. Oftentimes they have families, kids in daycare, significant others in the other room, and very human stories. Let’s not lose sight of the fact that they are just like us with a little bit extra. When you come in for a reading, what you’re doing is gaining access to that transistor radio.

Communication with the spirit world often happens intuitively. On their end, it’s not like they are actively flipping through the Rolodex of spirits. They are sharing your intention with the “crew behind the curtain”. Sometimes, although not all the time, the individual spirit accepts the invitation. From this point, mediums will vary in their abilities. There isn’t just one type of medium. In fact, there are 5 types of mediums that we know of today. Some will speak on behalf, others will nearly describe. Some even open themselves up to possession. This is not a testament to the strength of a medium. One doesn’t speak on The strength of a natural gift. They just have different means of communicating.

What It’s Like to be a Medium 

When mediums give a reading, but they’re trying to make sense of the things that they are seeing. When they focus on the person they’re supposed to contact, other things might come into focus. This is why you must be patient when consulting a medium. They might be picking up on other energies, or other entities that are also trying to communicate. Imagine looking at an ever-shifting kaleidoscope. It looks different from one second to the other. Being able to find the specific shape and stick to it, is akin to focusing on the energy of the spirit that one is trying to contact. It’s very difficult. So do not be shorter with a medium trying to contact your loved one. You best believe that the spirit world is as multifaceted and loud as this one. We just have this idea of floating angels and harp music. Nobody really knows what it’s like. But there are crowding spirits and noisy entities out there. Trying to hone in on a single one—the one you’re trying to contact takes time and a bit of trial and error. 

What Is A Psychic Medium and How Do They Work?

Often, the information given by a medium must be taken in and pondered on. There are many factors affecting “accurate reading”. One is the idea that maybe there were things about our loved ones they decided to keep to themselves. Also, there are overlapping sensibilities and looks at the time. Another overlooked detail is the willingness of those on the other side to want to communicate back. They may truly be accepting and set in their existence in the spirit world. A medium is merely there to bridge the gap.

Written by Jordan

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