What is the difference between a maxi dress and a sundress

Summer is the quintessential time to put aside routine and bring out our most original, sophisticated, and fun side through garments that remain confined to the closet for the rest of the year.

Fashion continues to be a benchmark industry where creativity and good taste go hand in hand in a synthesis that conquers millions of people every year.

Maxi dress is one of the most comfortable summer garments. With summer, just around the corner, it is time to change the wardrobe and wear clothes made of lighter fabrics that give us a striking and neat look in equal parts.

Maxi Dress – Lightness and comfort:

Within both of these ranges, its range of combinations and possibilities is endless and familiarises with any condition, whether it is a date or an casual meeting that needs a classier look.

However, there are outfits that these that can become the trends of the influencer. In addition, the variety of this maxi style is as wide as it is striking. You can wear shirt dresses, with bare shoulders or even with the low flounce cut that provides unparalleled dynamism.

Try saying goodbye to shorts and bare legs with a long flowing dress that, without a doubt, will be more refreshing than any other typical summer garment. In addition, you can wear it wearing any type of tone and color, be it a more conservative brown or black, an Ibizan white or green and blue colors with fun prints.

A Sundress:

A summer dress or sundress is a casual or informal dress intended to wear in warm weather, classically in a lightweight fabric, loose-fitting, and most usually cotton.

Ideas to wear the best long summer dresses:

The world is facing a historically atypical summer due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus. However, the normalization of leisure time means that we can finally go out on the street and prepare for a few hot months in which we can show off our best looks and try to put a good face on this complex situation.

Undoubtedly, cheerful prints and tones of women going out tops are the true protagonists of long summer dresses. The length of these garments and their flight when walking encourage wearing bright colors accompanied by cheerful figures that give that note of optimism in what for many is the happiest season of the year.

What is the difference between a maxi dress and a sundress

Round neck and crossed back:

Maxi dresses stand out, in particular, for its style and comfort. It features a sleeveless design, with a round neckline and a crossed back, as well as side slits at the bottom at calf height. Made of 97% rayon and 3% elastane, the fabric is very soft to the touch and very comfortable because it molds and flatters different silhouettes.

It can be purchased in five colors (pale pink, green, navy blue, black and white with stripes) and is available in sizes from XS to XXL. A recommendation that is repeated in the reviews section is to opt for a smaller size than usual because, as indicated, it tends to run large and may be too loose. The manufacturer also indicates as a reference, regarding the length, that the model in the photos is 1.80 meters tall and is wearing a size S.

To wear street or take to the beach:

If there is something that is repeated in the reviews of people who have already purchased and tried this dress, it is its versatility, since it allows you to wear it to work with some dancers or to the beach with sandals for those days when the days are long and then feel like relaxing in the beach bar. Other aspects that stand out are the quality of the fabric and the comfort when wearing it.

Summer is days of looking for clothes for the heat and if they can be versatile models that can be adapted to both formal and informal looks, much better. A section in which basic cotton dresses play a fundamental role this season, a garment that can be used a lot depending on what garments it is combined with.

If we had already reviewed the perfect boho maxi dress for spring, now we have found a basic long dress model that cannot be missing in the travel suitcase or in the summer wardrobe.

It is a garment from the daily ritual firm, one of the women’s fashion lines that Solado has. It is a comfortable and flattering dress that will solve many of the appointments and events to enjoy in the coming months.

5 advantages of wearing a dress over pants in summer:

1. Freshness. No matter how fresh the fabric in which the pants are made, no matter how loose or wide short dress they are… keep your legs in the air and let them cool you under the skirt, when you run, it’s priceless.

2. Comfort. It is true that to go to the countryside, walk in the mountains or carry out other types of outdoor activity, pants are more practical, but if you choose a dress model that is not very fitted, with some slack and of a suitable length, the chances of wearing it increases considerably.

3. Dress easily. Dress, shoes, bag… ready to go. You don’t require to do more thinking. You don’t have to eat the jar with mix-ins and mix-ins. You are dressed in 2 seconds.

4. Innovate. We always wear pants, all of us, every day. Dresses give you the opportunity to change your look and see yourself as different from others.

5. Make everyone feel great. No matter what your body is, your size or figure, dresses are like colors, there is always a model that looks great on you.

On Solado, we have a leading corset shop online. On our website, there is a wide variety of dresses of this type that play with different fabrics and designs: elastic, sleeves, a round or V-shaped neck, etc.

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