What Research Says About Commercial Hepa Air Purifier

What Research Says About Commercial Hepa Air Purifier

The latest restrictions and regulations due to the pandemic demand that all workplaces create a safe environment for their employees. That means, as the owner, you need to ensure that your workers are not spreading any viruses or bacteria. The only way to accomplish this is by purchasing a commercial air purifier. In this article, we are going to focus on a commercial HEPA air purifier for construction.

Before we get started, you need to understand that air purifiers are classified by the kind of technology they use. That means that a HEPA air purifier is not your only choice. For instance, some companies use Plasma Air Technology, which neutralizes viruses and bacteria. If you want to learn more about this option, visit this page.

On several types of research, HEPA has proved to be one of the most effective filters against COVID-19. But, before we get into this topic, you need to understand what is a HEPA filter and how it works.

HEPA air purifier: What it is and How it works 

The first thing you need to know is that HEPA stands for High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance. That means what makes HEPA special is that it can capture extremely small particles. In terms of size, a HEPA filter can efficiently attract everything bigger or equal to 0.3 microns. However, some experts suggest this type of air purifier can even filtrate smaller compounds.

To give you an idea of how helpful is a HEPA purifier here are the sizes in microns of different elements.

  • Dust: between 100 and 300 microns
  • Pollen: 10-1000 microns
  • Viruses: the biggest viruses are in size 0.3 microns

This means that overall, HEPA has an effectiveness of 99.97%, which will allow you to have clean air in your facilities. Keep in mind that a HEPA filter does not work like a filter that captures particles of a certain size. A HEPA air purifier uses different processes to clean the air, including diffusion, interception or impaction.

What is a commercial HEPA air purifier?

A commercial HEPA air purifier works the same way as a portable one. The only difference is that a commercial HEPA air purifier is used in buildings and facilities. The majority of them can even be integrated into your HVAC system. That’s why many owners prefer to invest in a professional air purification system that keeps employees safe.

If you are considering buying a HEPA air purifier, you should know that these have to be replaced annually.

Why is it important to have fresh air?

There are many reasons why you should consider purchasing a commercial HEPA air purifier. One of them is that many people suffer from severe allergies or asthma.That means there is a big chance that a large percentage of your workers present these respiratory symptoms. Having an air purifier ensures they won’t get sick easily, which will increase your productivity.

When it comes to the current virus that caused this global pandemic, COVID-19, having fresh air is crucial. The reason for this is that COVID can spread through the air. What is even worst is that the virus can circulate for several hours. This airborne transmission is what has exponentially increased the number of people infected.

Having a commercial HEPA air purifier for construction can actually prevent the spread of the virus. In the following section, we will explain how this works.

HEPA filters & COVID 19

If you are a business owner, one of the regulations that you need to follow in the workplace is ensuring there is quality ventilation. That means you should keep all the windows open and have an efficient HVAC system that helps the air circulate. However, that is not enough since even when the air is moving around, that doesn’t mean it is clean.

To improve the air quality for your employees, you need to purchase a commercial air purifier. In this regard, the ones with a HEPA filter are the favourites in the market since they effectively remove contaminants from the air. Now you might be wondering, how can this element prevent the spread of COVID in your facilities?

You need to understand that COVID does not travel on its own. That means the virus attaches itself to other particles to travel, such as dust or mucus. Even when HEPA cannot eliminate COVID, it does trap all the airborne particles. In other words, the virus won’t be able to move through the air. However, keep in mind that if you want the HEPA filter to work, you need to regularly maintain it.

How much does it cost to have a Commercial Hepa Air Purifier?

The cost of a commercial air purifier is determined by the current state of your HVAC system. In the end, the value will depend on how many filters you need and how much time it will take to install them. That’s why if you want to know the real cost of a Commercial Hepa Air Purifier, you should ask for a quote from the top provider in your city.

After the installation, there are additional expenses that you’ll need to cover, including testing your HEPA filter and replacement. Even though this sounds like a big investment in the long run, it will bring you several benefits. Plus, you will keep your workers safe.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have learned everything a Commercial Hepa Air Purifier can do. This type of filter is not only great to reduce respiratory symptoms, but also to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Some people purchase portable air purifiers for their kids or their home office. But, in case, you have large facilities, the best thing you can do is integrate a HEPA filter into your HVAC system. Don’t forget that no solution is perfect. This means that having a HEPA filter doesn’t ensure your workers won’t get sick. However, it will keep that percentage low since the air purifier will trap all the damaging particles that are circulating through the air.

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