What To Bring If You’re Going On A Hunting Trip For The First Time

Now that we are coming to the end of the lockdown caused by the coronavirus pandemic, many people are heading out into the countryside and trying new pursuits, and hunting is one of them. Hunting is an incredibly exciting pastime that can take you all over the world to many different types of terrain and landscape. When you are out in the bush, all that you have for survival is your backpack and its contents, so you need to choose your equipment carefully. You cannot afford to be miles away from civilization without having prepared correctly otherwise you could put yourself in peril. In this article, we are going to take a look at everything that you will need to take if you are going on a hunting trip, so, to be as prepared as possible, read on to find out more. 


Probably the most important thing that you should take with you is water, as you cannot afford to be dehydrated in the field. You should take at least 2 liters if you are going on a day trip, and if you are planning on staying out overnight you will need more. Of course, you may be going to a place where there is running water in the form of streams or rivers, but this water will not necessarily be potable. If you plan to source water in the bush, then you will need to take with you water purification tablets to ensure that you don’t make yourself ill as you do not know what dead animal might be lying upstream.

A Knife

A knife is an extremely important piece of kit as you will need it for many different reasons. The best tactical knife will be able to perform many duties, from self-defense (if you come across a dangerous wild animal) to helping you cut down branches from trees to make a shelter. Make sure it is sharp before you venture out on your hunting trip, and if possible buy one with a safety feature to prevent any accidents from happening, especially if you are out with young children. A pouch to hold it in can be a very useful accessory as it will allow it to be at hand for any emergencies, and it is also a safe place to keep it. 

First Aid Kit

When you are out in the field, anything can happen, and given that you are likely to be many miles from civilization it is important that you carry a first aid kit with you at all times. This should include items such as bandages, antiseptic creams, plasters, and insect repellant, depending on where you are going. Even small injuries like blisters can be extremely painful when you are walking for miles each day, so it makes sense to be prepared rather than to suffer in silence. 

Waterproof Clothing

There is nothing worse than being wet, especially if you are on a trip for a couple of days, as you will not have anywhere to dry off. If you know that you are going hunting in a location where the weather is inclement then it is essential that you have full wet weather gear with you, and that you have a spare set of dry clothing in your backpack, ready to change into the moment you get back to your car, or you retire to your tent for the night.


What To Bring If You're Going On A Hunting Trip For The First Time

A pair of field glasses is essential when hunting as you need to be able to identify your prey from a distance. Some animals are out of bounds, so you need to know that the animal you are stalking can be legally hunted. Furthermore, a pair of binoculars is necessary to ensure that you make an ethical shot, as the last thing you want is to wound rather than kill an animal. If the binoculars have a range-finding feature, all the better, as you will be able to judge the distance more accurately, and if an animal is out of range, you can get closer or move on to different prey. 

As we have learned, there are several pieces of essential kits that you need to take on a hunting trip. Water is essential to keep yourself hydrated, and wet weather gear will protect you from the elements. A proper knife will keep you safe from wild animals and is useful if you need to make a shelter, and a first aid kit can be used to help any painful blisters. Finally, take binoculars with you to identify your prey and then to make sure that you can make a clean kill. Good luck with your hunting!

Written by George K.

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