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What To Do If You Are A Victim Of Another’s Road Rage

Being shouted at by another road user is not a nice experience. In many cases, it can even become dangerous. 

Not everybody is equipped to disarm and resolve these situations. Sometimes they can escalate into unimaginable incidents of violence and criminal behavior. Though you might be a victim of others’ transgressions, you must defuse the situation however you can. 

It is hard to have a plan of action once the adrenaline creeps in. You must maintain a level-headed approach at all times. Here are some things you should consider doing if you become a victim of another’s road rage. 

Pull Over

Recognize the value of letting things go. Realize that some disputes are not worth your time and prevent them from escalating further. 

Pullover at the earliest opportunity. Set your dignity aside that you do this. Have a sense of perspective in that you will only be adding mere seconds to your journey. Forget the offending party forever moments after you set off again.

View pulling over as a way to mitigate a potential passenger’s behavior as well. Consider their attitudes and weigh whether it is likely they will challenge someone when safe in a moving vehicle. Bring your vehicle to a halt and complain about the issue together while the road rager drivers off. 

Think About Legal Ramifications

Do not allow the offending party to blame you if the road-raging comes to arguing. Know your rights by consulting a dedicated attorney after the incident.

Know that rear-ending someone may not be your fault. Contact experts such as Torgenson Law to answer the question is brake checking illegal? Reaffirm that the practice is illegal in Arizona and have expert car accident lawyers ready to secure justice on your behalf. Consult them directly if you experience these plights and are in the region. Find a comparative service if based elsewhere. 

Keep the law in mind at every stage of a dispute with another driver. Use those reminders to keep your own temper in check at the moment. Record what you can of the incident to potentially use it as evidence later. Stay committed to the facts, and any case you present will resonate with a jury and judge much better. Give your attorneys more concrete data to work with. 

Be Introspective 

Recognize that road rage rarely springs out of nowhere. Do not justify their unreasonable behavior, but attempt to reflect on what part you may have played in their anger. Be honest with yourself. 

Remember that there are many bad drivers on the roads today. Consider that you could count yourself among them on an off day. Realize that nobody is perfect. Try to soothe any road rager with an apologetic stance where appropriate. 

Reflect on your driving habits after the incident has occurred. Ask friends or family members whether they rate you highly as a road user. Use their feedback to tweak your behaviors where necessary. Commit yourself to improve your driving skills where you are justified in doing so.  

Take a refresher course if necessary. Do not feel any shame in relearning certain aspects of driving. Know that you could keep yourself and others safer by doing this. Never assume you are a faultless driver. 

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