When to send a save the date and when you can skip sending one

Most of your friends and family have already heard about your engagement and you are probably wondering whether it’s necessary to send save the date. If you have to send them, the next question you are asking is when its right to send save the date and when it’s not. This is the reason why we have compiled this post to help you understand when to send save the date and when to skip sending them. 

Do we have to send save the dates?

Let’s begin by answering your main question. Save the dates wedding cards are a fun way to give the guests, family and friends a head’s up about the upcoming event. Save the dates are equally an expected courtesy for the couple having a destination wedding during the busy travel seasons because most of your guests will have to make travel and hotel arrangements in advance. As a matter of fact, the main reason why couple’s send save the dates is to give the expected guests a glimpse of the upcoming event. They can set the tone that you want for your formal event. 

Can I skip save the dates?

You might think that Save the dates are not as necessary as wedding invitations but the fact remains they serve a crucial role in your final event. They work as the official notice that there’s an upcoming important event. Sending save the dates also lets the people know that you want to share this special day with them. You guests will also have ample time to make all the necessary arrangements beforehand. 

Save the dates can be a solution to a lot of issues that you don’t want to experience throughout the wedding preparation process. Imagine having a long list of guests that you expect to share this special one-time moment with. You explain to your partner all the reasons why your selected list of guests should share the moments with you. On the wedding date, your hearts sink, one after the other ‘’sorry for letting you down, I cannot make it, me and my family have prior commitments’’. ‘’if we only heard of your wedding early enough’’. This is a bummer and will obviously break your hearts.

 You might feel that postcard save the dates are not required for this events. But, it is perceived as a sign of respect, courtesy and goodwill. Save the dates should also be sent as a gesture of appreciation to your guests, family and friends. And, regardless of the reason why you are sending them; they serve a very important role in your wedding day – they serve as a reminder that there is an upcoming event which will take place on a given day.

When to send save the dates

If you have a destination wedding, it is obvious that you should send out save the dates right after you get engaged. Most of your guests will be traveling to attend your wedding. Therefore, they should have plenty of time to book their travel and hotel around the event. 

Make sure you send out save the dates at least six months in advance. You have to allow ample time for your guest to review the invites and make arrangements well in advance. So, if you are sending out save the dates six months before your wedding, your guests will have enough time to book their travel and hotel rooms as well as make travel arrangements.

When not to send Save the dates

There are some exceptions in sending save the dates. If you are holding a destination wedding, it is essential to send out save the dates. However, if you are getting married at home, it is not a requirement to send them out. You don’t have to send them out for local events. You also can skip sending save the dates if your wedding is in the next three months. At this time, you might have to contact the guests directly through DMs, calls or emails. You might have to make sure each of them has responded and they have confirmed their availability in advance.

How to send save the dates

It is important for you to keep in mind the importance of the save the dates etiquette. A lot of people often get confused when they are sending out save the dates. Sending save the dates is a great gesture and you will get to share this special moment with your friends, family and guests. But, there are plenty of etiquette rules you have to follow while sending them out. 

Send save the dates sooner

You should send out save the dates at least six months in advance. The reason why you have to send out save the dates as early as possible is because of different factors.

Include all the necessary details

To make sure that your guests can plan their schedules and make travel arrangements, you should include as much information as possible in your save the dates. You should add details about the date of your wedding, the venue of your event, the city or town where it will take place and any other important info. You can also add details about things that you want guests to be aware of such as the dress code or any other special requests.

Choose an attractive save the date design

Since save the dates are sent out as a formal notice about your upcoming wedding, you have to make sure that they are well designed. The design can be either simple or unique but it has to be attractive enough so that your guest will notice it. Luckily, there are several online sites where you can get cheap wedding save the date designs. 


Save the dates are essential for you and your wedding planning. They serve as an official notice to all the invited guests about an upcoming event. Therefore, you should make sure that you send out save the dates at least six months before the actual wedding. Guests will have plenty of time to make availability arrangements, book hotel rooms and share this special moment with all your guests.

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