When You Need to Call a Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges is a serious life event that can drastically change your future. So, if you are wondering whether you need a defense lawyer or not, the simple answer is ‘Yes’. Every situation is different, but generally speaking, it is never too early to call a legal professional. They will protect your rights, explain what’s happening, and give you advice.

To make things clearer, let’s list some of the circumstances when calling the attorney is considered a very good idea.

Police Questioning

It’s simple – if you are brought in for questioning, make sure you have a lawyer with you in the room. The police officers want to catch the person who is responsible for a crime, and as trained and experienced professionals, they know how to convince people to talk to them. They will be able to assure you that answering their questions is in your best interest.

Having someone who knows how things work will help you tremendously. With a legal representative by your side, you will have someone who acts as a shield between you and the cops. As the skilled legal professional from New Jersey Jason A. Volet says, facing criminal charges can cast a very dark shadow over your life. A good attorney, such as Tempe Criminal Defense Attorney will be able to protect you from incriminating yourself. 

Mind games are not uncommon during questioning. Officers will try and make you feel like you have made some sort of a mistake or confuse you, just so they can get you to spill the beans. The lawyer will be able to jump in and stop that. As an experienced professional, he or she knows to read between lines and what are the tactics the officers often use in these situations.

Serving You with a Search Warrant

If the police show up on your doorsteps with the search warrant, you need to call your lawyer immediately. This piece of paper is granted by the judge when there is enough evidence to determine a ‘probable cause’. This means they think that you have evidence that can help their case.

However, locations they can search for will be specified in the warrant. For example, they might get the right to look for evidence in your car but not your house. The attorney will make sure they don’t go beyond what the order allows them.

If they believe there is a risk of destroying evidence, they might simply show on your doorstep. In these circumstances, there is a possibility your lawyer will not be able to make it on time. For that reason, it’s important to give them a copy of the warrant as soon as possible. In the case the police did a sloppy job, your representative will maybe be able to make a complaint and make some or all evidence inadmissible in the court.         

Notice to Appear

You might get served with a notice to appear in front of the court and if that happens, it would be a good decision to appear there with a lawyer. This paper is a clear signal that you will probably be charged with some sort of a crime. It is issued by the police officers and served to you in person or by mail instead of arrest.   

What If You’re Arrested?

Well, if it comes to this, there is really nothing to think about – contact your attorney immediately. He or she will explain in simple terms what are the charges against you and what’s the best option for you. In an arraignment, your initial court appearance, you will have to plead guilty, not guilty, or no contest.

Also, you will get a one-on-one meeting with them and explain your side of the story. It’s important to tell your lawyer the truth about your involvement in the criminal event you are being charged for. You are protected by the attorney-client privilege, which means whatever you say, stays between the two of you.    

The attorney will be able to assess what are the chances of you being released on your own recognizance, or maybe you will need bail. If the only way for you to leave prison is to pay the fee, they can also argue in front of a judge to reduce the amount.

The criminal defense lawyer is there to protect your rights and make sure you are being treated as intended by the law. If you’re facing any of the situations listed above, you will need help from someone who is experienced with these types of cases.     

Written by Jordan

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