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Why CBD Gummies Are So Expensive

CBD is a beneficial wellness supplement, considering the anecdotal research done on cannabinoids and consumer feedback. If you have never used CBD before, the high prices you come across can shock you. However, various reasons account for why CBD gummies are so expensive, and so are other CBD products. If you are not satisfied with CBD prices being high, you have come to the right place to get clarification. Below we tried to explain why CBD gummies are so expensive.

Reasons Why CBD Gummies Are So Expensive

As you compare the prices of brands offering quality CBD gummies, the cost is quite high, even though there can be slight variations from one manufacturer to the other. Here is why CBD gummies are so expensive.

1. Breeding CBD-Rich Strains Is a Long Process

Making CBD is a long, costly process. Let’s start with breeding CBD-rich plants. Yes, the 2018 Farm Bill was passed into law, and hemp with trace THC levels became federally legal to grow. Many states have legalized hemp, which is a type of cannabis. However, legal issues still surround the cannabis herb. Hemp is legal at the federal level, but it is still illegal to grow some plant varieties. In areas where CBD-rich plants are legal to grow, the cultivation process is restricted. Besides, legal cannabis cultivation also faces heavy taxation. The huge mandatory oversight from local governments and licensing fees for legal growers contribute to the high price of CBD gummies and other CBD products.  

2. Effect on Hemp Farmers Reduces Supply of Domestic Hemp

The high licensing fees and heavy taxation cause little incentive for people to grow hemp or cannabis, leading to a reduced supply of hemp in the country. The decreased hemp supply is another answer to why CBD is so expensive.

Cultivating high-quality hemp requires a controlled indoor environment, although one can grow hemp outdoors. Indoor hemp growing allows farmers to grow and harvest hemp at any time of the year without worrying about weather problems and other inconveniences like theft. The indoor setup itself is expensive, as it entails having specific moisture levels and temperature, proper artificial lights, efficient ventilation, and feeding installations. These cost money, which contributes to why CBD gummies are so expensive.

3. Manufacturing CBD Gummies Is an Involving Procedure

After a manufacturer gets high-quality hemp plants, making CBD is next. Extracting CBD from hemp plants requires experts and expensive hi-tech equipment. The best way to derive CBD from hemp is using the supercritical CO2 method. Carbon dioxide at high pressure and heat is used to extract cannabinoids like CBD and other beneficial hemp components from the plant matter. For manufacturers that make CBD isolate products, they take further steps to set CBD apart from other plant extracts.

Some companies use ethanol extraction, but CO2 is the best method, as it is solvent-free and carbon dioxide can be reused. The costly process involved in manufacturing CBD is one more explanation for why CBD oil is so expensive as other CBD products like gummies, capsules, and topicals.

4. Getting CBD Gummies Ready for the market

A brand gets the expensive hemp it needs and finally extracts CBD to make different CBD products. The next thing that explains why CBD gummies are so expensive is getting them to the market. Stringent laws exist on how to test CBD gummies and other formulations, not forgetting other product regulations put in place by governments.

The stipulated lab test rules and government spot checks, and other regulations are to ensure the safety of CBD to consumers. However, they can also be expensive, increasing the cost of CBD production, which leads to the high cost of CBD products.

5. Efficacy for CBD Customers

The regulations around CBD products exist to protect consumers’ health and ensure they get effective products. Lab-tested CBD gummies, oil, and topicals give users more assurance that they can try CBD, as all measures have been taken to ensure safety. As said earlier, the rules are vital, but they also cause an increased CBD cost. Besides, U.S states and other countries around the globe have different laws when it comes to CBD. Therefore, it can be challenging to sell CBD across jurisdictions and even internationally.

That being said, are CBD gummies worth the price? The answer is yes. The above five factors lead to the high cost of edibles and other CBD products. Despite the expensive cost, protecting your health comes first. It is more prudent to buy costly yet high-quality CBD gummies than to go for cheaply made products that harm your wellbeing in the end.

Like other markets, the CBD industry has its share of unprofessional people that could sell you low-quality CBD products that do not even contain CBD in the place. High-quality CBD is costly, but the price is worth it. Top brands offer gummies and other CBD products are different prices. It is possible to find more affordable, safe, quality CBD gummies on a budget that save you some money.

Are CBD gummies expensive? Yes, they can be, which is why you should take your time to research the brand you are considering. Purchase CBD made from organically grown hemp. U.S. hemp is high-quality due to the strict measures put in place for growers. Always confirm where any given company gets its hemp.

Additionally, CO2 is the best way to remove CBD from hemp plants, and quality CBD products also go through third-party testing and contain safe ingredients. The certificate of analysis from a certified lab should be easily accessible to ensure consumers know the components they are about to put in their bodies.

Final Thoughts on Why CBD Gummies Are So Expensive

CBD gummies are expensive, but there are good reasons why that is the case. Starting from the breeding process, licensing, taxation of growers, CBD extraction processes to getting CBD to the market. These factors account for the high cost of gummies and other CBD products. Due to the expensive price of CBD, ensure you purchase high-grade, tested products with safe, organic components to protect yourself from adulterated products.

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