Why Learning Python Was A Great Decision

Why Learning Python Was A Great Decision

Learning Python is never a bad decision, and has become one of the most popular tech skills to pick up. Anyone that has learned this skill will say that learning Python was a great decision, as job postings have increased by 330 percent in the last four years. In the tech world, programmers with Python on their resume are noticed before any other candidate.

This is an easy-to-learn and widely used language in the world of tech that opens many doors. If you are thinking of taking Udemy courses or picking up some Python books to learn this skill, you’re in the process of making a great decision as well. Learn more about this opportunity-rich skill and its many benefits.

Easy and Simple

One of the greatest benefits to learning the Python language for programming is its ease and simplicity. This is a language that is productive in many industries as well. It provides solutions in a way that is easy to understand for any level of programmer. It is much like Java in its purpose and function, but in its prose, Python is in an entirely different world.

It uses simple language, such as [code](“hello world”) where Java offers multiple lines and strings of characters to offer the same greeting. The alternative programming language of C++ is not much different. Python is easy and simple, and Python books are a great place for the beginner to start.

Python is Widely Used Everywhere

Another reason that learning Python is a great decision is that it is widely used worldwide. Blue-chip companies and the largest websites on Earth such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, and Netflix, among many others, are all using it. Its growth across every industry seems unstoppable, making this language a versatile skill for any programmer.

Python has skyrocketed businesses in high-income nations, and it is considered in the top five programming languages all over the world. It is a skill that is going to be in demand for a long time.

Endless Python Resources

Python language is a skill that can be formally gained through Udemy courses, but beginnings can start with Python books and resources. There is no short supply of these regardless of skill level. Even the most advanced Python writer can learn from the seemingly endless supply of books, resources, and courses that teach this language.

Additionally, these resources are available after you learn the Python language. Python libraries are also widely popular, and are used in the fields of data analytics, data science, artificial intelligence, cloud configuration, scientific computing, and research, to name a few. It is a significant branch of the tech community, and the scientific community as well.

These libraries are used to create a multitude of frameworks and software for the world to use every day. For the end user, life is simpler. For the programmer, it is as well. The bounty of Python libraries ensures that Python is easy to use at every skill level. 

Once you learn and develop this talent, you will see why every programmer with Python on their resume says that learning Python was a great decision.

Opportunity-Rich Programming With Python

A key component behind the excellent decision of learning Python language is the opportunity that it provides. This is one of the few international languages of the world, and it opens doors in the job market. 

By 2020, Python was the fourth most popular programming language on the planet with a 456 percent growth rate, and there were 2 million new Python developers in the year 2019.

It is estimated that there are approximately 7 million developers with Python in their skillset, in the world. They are all working. Job boards list Python language as a skill with jobs in the tens of thousands on many of the major tech scouting boards. Since the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic began, listings for open-source jobs also experienced an increase and the use of Python reportedly doubled.

The need is there, and this skill opens many opportunity-rich doors, for the developer, and also for the companies that are hiring this talent.

How to Make the Python Decision

Making the decision to learn Python isn’t as complicated as it might sound. It doesn’t matter what your skill or desire level is to start. Once you see how easy it is to learn on your own time, and how fascinating this talent can be, you’ll become as hooked as the 7 million fluent Python developers the world already has today.

Python books are an excellent resource to begin your Python journey, but you can advance your skillset by taking courses at online academies through Udemy courses as well.

Begin your new skill by looking at the job boards to see the jobs that interest you. See where the Python language is used in every day life. Then, start the process. Get as involved as you like, or go at your own pace. If you want to be part of data science, software automation, and the most progressive scientific research in the world, learning the Python language is a great place to start.

However, you can also find this language in every industry on Earth. In beauty, entertainment and script writing, insurance industries, banking, fintech, and more, the Python language is now a necessity. Find your fit today at your own pace.

Learn the Python Language

There is no developer or data scientist in the world with this talent that regrets learning Python. You, too, could be among the many that say learning Python was the best decision they made. It’s easy to learn and it opens doors in a market used by every industry and country in the world. Learn Python at your own pace, and soon it will be the greatest decision you ever made too.

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