Why You Should Prefer Cloud Hosting Over Traditional Hosting?

During recent years Cloud hosting is becoming the popular form of hosting whether it’s a matter of finding a server for a website or an application.

Using the cloud resources, cloud hosting secure your website from the risk of outages. Unlike the simple shared hosting, in cloud hosting, you are not dependent on just a single server. It is a network of servers connected to each other so that it gives its users better flexibility and scalability.

In simple words, we can say as a whole the cloud act as a single machine and so able to provide you more reliable services and almost endless power.

If you are wondering why everyone moving to this method and why you should prefer cloud hosting over traditional, below are some of the very potential reasons.

Very Easy and Instant Scalability

When it comes to why you should go for cloud hosting perhaps the most attractive benefit is the instant scalability of resources. Different users have different needs. For example, an organization with 500+ employees have different requirements compared to beginners.

So cloud hosting is the best solution that enables you to scale up and down the resources according to their needs. It allows you to add more resources without any prior permissions i.e. you don’t require any permission from your hosting provider.

Cloud hosting is an excellent solution for growing websites. If you see you are getting out of resources mostly you can just log in to your cloud management dashboard and add up the decreasing resource. This level of scalability and flexibility greatly minimize the risk of outages that may otherwise occur due to resources shortage.

Choice of Operating System

Conversly to the Shared hosting, a cloud hosting provider allow you to choose the operating system of your choice – Windows or Linux. While on shared hosting you are not granted with such control.

However here note that there is also some cloud hosting providers which may support only Linux. For example just take one of the popular cloud solution provider that they officially support only Linux distributions which is why people go for the best Linode alternatives.

As a whole most cloud hosting provides you full freedom to install any operating system. The choice of OS may not be important if you are going to run a simple WordPress website however for developers and designers choice of OS might be crucial thing.

Allocated Amount of Resources

In traditional hosting, a huge number of accounts usually hosted on the same server which is why sometimes a heavy website may affect the performance of neighbor websites. Besides, mostly there are no specific limits like you may see “Unlimited/Unmetered” tag with storage and bandwidth. However, in reality, these resources are not unlimited and if the company thinks your website is consuming more resources than usual they will make your website unavailable or temporarily shift to another server. In such situations, they will ask you to upgrade the plan.

On the other side, Cloud hosting with its unique segregated environment provides you a fully dedicated environment and a specified amount of resources. So in this, you are pretty sure how much limits left and decide whether it’s the time to scale up the resources or not.

Cost Reduction and Friendly Billing

At first sight, cloud hosting may look pricey compared to traditional shared hosting plans but this is not the whole story. Most shared hosting plans are able to offer you the lowest prices when you are going to buy a plan on an annual basis like 3-years. And if choose monthly billing you will see sky-high prices attached to shared hosting.

On the other hand, cloud providers mostly offer hourly and monthly billing. And if you compare you will see cloud hosting monthly billing cost you lower than shared hosting monthly billing cycle.

In shared hosting when you are getting out of resources you need to upgrade to the higher plan while in cloud hosting if you are getting out of resources like storage you can simply avail more storage using the provided control panel.

The thing which is more cost-saving that it also allows you to decrease the resources as per your requirements. As a whole, Cloud Hosting is a more cost-effective solution not from just billing perspective but also take into consideration factors like scalability, dedicated environment, and control.

Fast Server Setup Process

Another beauty of cloud hosting that you can deploy a server in a matter of a minute. While in the case of shared hosting the company might take a significant amount of time to deploy your server. If you are in a hurry to set up your online project or especially migrating you don’t want to wait too much during that crucial period.

Reliable and Consistent Performance

Cloud hosting is characterized by more fast speed services as compared to shared hosting. It provides you the optimal performance to your website or applications because in cloud hosting load is not distributed on the hardware of just a single server.

Additionally, as you are protected by a ring-fenced environment and dedicated environment which will ensure stable performance. To further boost the speed now companies are using different other technologies such as solid-state storage and several caching layers. Also with add-ons like load balancers the cloud providers helping their users to deliver smooth performance on large scale projects.

Backed by Large Infrastructure

Cloud hosting companies usually backed by the large infrastructure so this means they can offer you more choices of data centers compared to shared hosting providers. The reason why the choice of a data center is important because this will allow you to select a location nearest to your targeted audience.

If your website is hosting on a server that is near to your targeted audience the data will take less time to travel between the visitor and the server. You will get such an opportunity while setting up a cloud server. Just take the examples of AWS, Vultr, and DigitalOcean they are offering a significant amount of locations to choose between while setting up a server.

More Security to Your Funds

In traditional hosting when you using annual billing structure you have to pay a lump sum amount at once. Typically, the companies offer a money back guarantee (usually 30-days) and after that, you cannot ask for a refund if you don’t like their services.

On the other hand, if we talk about cloud hosting as you are being billed as monthly or hourly you don’t have to pay any huge amount. And the best thing, you can cancel anytime and stop further billing.


Cloud hosting brings you a greater level of control as compared to traditional shared hosting. Mostly in cloud hosting, you will be given with operating system level control. You are allowed to choose the OS distribution and install software of your choice.

Better Security Measures

Cloud hosting is also known to provide better security which is being maintained by several security measures like firewalls, data isolation, and cloud backups. Furthermore, to keep your account secure there are now 2-factors and other security protocols. In cloud hosting as your data is mirrored in different devices so in the case of hardware failure you won’t lose your data.

High Availability of Servers

As mentioned before unlike shared hosting, cloud hosting does not rely on a single server. As you are being backed by multiple servers hence if a physical server is experiencing issues your site will start using resources of another server. This will happen automatically and without any downtime.

Easy to Use Management Interface

What makes cloud hosting more usable even to beginners is the simple management dashboard. In the past, cloud hosting was slightly complex and require expertise to efficiently manage a server. But now the cloud providers make almost everything pretty straightforward where you can easily set up or shut down the server. You don’t need any prior knowledge to install the operating system and applications due to the inclusion of a 1-click installer in the control panel by almost every cloud hosting provider.


I hope you found this article helpful for you in deciding why you should prefer cloud hosting over traditional shared hosting solutions.

The use of cloud hosting increasing rapidly and it does not take much time to understand why. Thanks to the companies, cloud hosting is not just limited to enterprises but now the individual users can reap out the benefits without any hassle.

By using cloud hosting you can prevent the loss of sales and delivers a smoother experience to your users.

Thanks for reading. If you have any questions drop a comment below.

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