Your Complete Guide to Visiting Florence in Italy

Are you planning to visit Florence? Thinking about staying in a Hotel in Florence in Italy? Wondering what to see and eat while there? Then, this is the guide to read through.

A city that is visited by millions of people every year, it’s not hard to assume that Florence has it all up her sleeve to please its travelers. In fact, the city of Florence is the best of them all – a place where art, culture, history, shopping, and gastronomical traditions come together to ensure a unique experience.

Anyways, if you want to taste such an overwhelming experience, you may as well start by booking a place to stay in the eponymous hotel in Florence in Italy. For a detailed answer to all your queries, keep reading below.

Where to Visit in Florence

Giving birth to a host of iconic artists, it is obvious the city has an abundance of art galleries and museums. You would find more than 50 museums in the metropolitan area, the most famous of which are the Uffizi Palace and Gallery, the Palazzo Pitti, the Academia Gallery, the Bargello Museum, etc.

The birthplace of the famous architect Filippo Brunelleschi is also adorned with many monumental landmarks, the majority of which dates back to the medieval periods. The Cathedral di Santa Maria del Fiore with its adjacent, skyline engulfing Brunelleschi’s Dome is a sight to behold. While other landmarks like Piazza Della Signoria, Santa Croce, Medici Villa – all deserve to be on your must-visit list.

Where to Eat and Shop

The streets along the Florence city center is filled with many local eateries, as well as some Gelato stores. While the availability of Michelin restaurants like the Santa Elisabetta with its fine dining and great wine collection provides the perfect spot for a lavish dinner.

You can even buy the local ingredients just by visiting the San Lorenzo Market. The area surrounding the market is also great for buying everything o the cheap – from leather garments to small souvenirs.

The city is also filled with many designer boutiques, mainly populated along the street called ‘Via de’ Tornabuoni’. However, if you want to buy some jewelry, just take a walk along Ponte Vecchio. It’s a medieval bridge with building structures lined on top, and currently, the home to many famous Florentine goldsmiths.

Where to Stay in Florence

The Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence, Italy is located just a few steps away from the city center and surrounded by many of the must-see destinations is certainly one of the places you must consider. It offers comfortable 4-star accommodation with a grand view of the Duomo.

However, Florence is no short of lavish or budget residence. With a little research, you can find everything from hotels, resorts, private residence, AirBnB places, etc. offering a place to sleep and relax in between your travels. However, just be mindful of your itinerary, and chose a place that is most convenient according to that.

Written by George K.

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