10 Amazing Tips To Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Improve Your Social Media Engagement

Lack of engagement with your social media posts can make you feel quite discouraged. Low engagement also affects companies and brands which sell   products through their social media page.

However, there are many ways you can improve the engagement of social media posts quickly. Given below are some helpful tips.

  1. User Generated Content

When your followers post a picture of your product on their Instagram page, repost it on your main page and tag them.

Posting user generated content on your social media page is one of the best ways to increase engagement.

This is not only exciting for your customers but also helps in connecting your page to their followers as well.

  1. Quiz

Quizzes are a great way to get your followers to interact with your page. They are not only fun but also help you understand your followers better by reviewing their answers and feedback.

Make sure you post quizzes which are relevant to your brand. For example, if you are a company which sells maternal products, post quizzes which are targeted towards mothers.

Quizpin is a website that publishes personality tests, anime quizzes and other entertainment posts frequently in different categories. You can take a look at their website to get inspired for your next quiz ideas.

  1. Polls And Questions

Posting polls or questions related to your brand will help you understand your follower’s preferences.

For example, a protein bar company posts a question regarding the kind of products their followers are looking for from their company. If a good number of followers say that they would like to see dairy free protein bars from the company, the brand will consider implementing dairy free versions in their next launch.

This way the followers get to express their needs and the company gets valuable feedback which helps improve their sales.

  1. Discount Codes

Who doesn’t love a good discount code? Your followers are most likely to purchase products from your social media page if there is a discount code they can use.

You can make a post stating that everyone who likes and shares the post will be eligible for a discount code.

This will increase engagement and your page will also be able to reach your customer’s followers.

  1. Giveaways

You can post seasonal or occasional giveaways on your social media page to excite your followers. Most brands have certain conditions for followers to be eligible for the giveaway.

In order to be eligible, followers might be required to like, tag one or two friends or comment under the post.

Giveaways will definitely get your followers to engage with your content and the tagged people will also be introduced to your page.

  1. Interact With Your Followers

Want your followers to engage with your social media content? Interact with them. A follower is 70% more likely to positively respond to your page if you have a good interaction with them.

Try to respond to all your follower’s comments and let them know you appreciate their feedback. Provide appropriate answers to any queries they might have.

  1. Post Consistently

You have to post consistently if you want to see a significant increase in engagement.

Decide on a proper posting schedule and stick to it. You can even make use of posting tools to schedule your posts. Consistent posting will allow your page to reach more people more quickly since the algorithm favours consistent pages.

  1. Live Streaming

Live Streaming is a fun way to interact with your followers. You can come up with fresh and interesting ideas for your livestream.

For example, you can get your company’s employees to narrate their working experiences or you can give a tour of your company’s headquarters.

  1. Post Quality Content

If the quality of the content you post isn’t up to the mark, your followers are likely to lose interest in your page. Invest time and effort in creating unique content with high quality visuals.

  1. Use Hashtags

Using hashtags which are relevant to your brand or page will help people with similar interests discover your page.

Make sure not to use too many hashtags but limit the number and use popular and trending ones.


Remember that you cannot expect to increase your social media engagement without investing time and effort. Work on delivering high quality content which your followers will like and appreciate.

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