Amp Up Your Bathroom Decor! Smart Tips To Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

Make Your Bathroom Look Luxurious

Shower faucets with ten different functions, neatly-folded bath linen, exotic toiletries spread on the basin counter, luxe light sources hanging from the ceiling, and a mesmerizing fragrance oozing from every corner- bathing in a dreamy bathroom like this is an experience in itself.

Do you often find yourself drooling over the luxury bathrooms featured in glossy interior magazines? Or envy your favourite lifestyle blogger for soaking in her large bathtub surrounded by vanilla-scented candles, holding a wine glass in her hand? Or often reminisce that long, relaxing, and indulging shower in the large and luxurious bathroom of a luxury hotel you stayed in during your vacation?

Well, with a little creativity and without any expensive renovation, you can turn your bathroom into a luxurious and expensive-looking bathroom. Just follow these tips.

  • Invest in classy bathroom accessories 

Some people conceal their toiletries behind the cabinets, while some put everything on display. Take the midway, but with style.

Get some classy bathroom accessories to flaunt your toiletries with a dash of panache. Instead of retaining your shampoos, conditioners, and lotions in the same bottles they came in, arrange them in similar dispenser bottles (think of marble dispenser bottles with gold detailing).

Replace your plastic toothbrushes with bamboo brushes and keep them neatly in a toothbrush holder. Place trays on the counter and arrange your face wash, toners, and lotion. Get pretty crystal containers to keep your cotton buds and Q-tips in place.

  • Create a seating space

Of course, not a velvet-tufted sofa! If you have a large bathroom, create a simple seating space because high-end bathrooms always have one.

A simple armchair, a pouf, an ottoman, or even a basic wooden garden stool will serve your purpose. This accent will add a million dollars to your simple bathroom.

  • Throw away the bath mats 

Throw away all your old bath mats with frayed ends and replace them with beautiful rugs. Take your style game higher with faux rugs that look great and are affordable too.

They look exotic and add a touch of glamor, luxury, and sophistication to any space. A carefully chosen rug is all you need to make your bathroom look expensive.

  • Hang in style 

Hanging towels on small hooks is so passe. To turn your bathroom into a luxe space, think of a chic way to hang your bath linen. How about wooden towel hangers? Or standing towel racks in nickel or gold?

Towel hangers look more stylish than simple stainless steel towel rings. It is the most pocket-friendly way to amp up the style factor.

Or, we have another idea too. Fold your towels and napkins the way they fold in hotels (you will find many tutorials on YouTube or Instagram) and stack them in a wicker basket.

  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall 

A mirror might not sound like a big deal, but it can make or break your dream of having a luxury bathroom.

Stick by two rules- first, invest in a large mirror, and second, don’t settle for basics. Think of elaborated mirror designs, like one with metal or wooden frames.

  • Get larger than life lights 

This might sound a little expensive, but relatively, it is a budget-friendly idea. Replace the basic lights with beautiful scones. If the space permits, get a crystal chandelier.

Playing with lights will change the entire vibe of your bathroom. It might be a pricey investment, but you will not regret it.

  • Keep your bathroom clean

The easiest and the most pocket-friendly way of making your bathroom look luxurious is keeping it clean. Get some basic cleaning tools. Buy organic, chemical-free cleaners and give your bathroom a hard scrubbing. Tackle the corners and disinfect every inch of the space.

Reputable brands like Vileda Canada offer a range of bathroom and toilet cleaning brushes that don’t just clean but disinfect your bathroom. Invest in a complete cleaning kit and keep your bathroom shiny and spotless.


Once you are done with all these little upgrades, light up a candle and enjoy a peaceful bath in your luxury bathroom — maybe like you’ve never done before!

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