8 Creative Tips To Organize Your Bedroom

The place where you start and end your day is your bedroom. It’s your safe space, your sanctuary, and the last thing you’d want is to go to an unorganised room at the end of the day. Having space in a room is a luxury few can afford. But, fortunately, there are many ways and places to shop, like Bed Bath and Beyond which help you create space

We have the 8 best ideas to organise and make space in your bedroom.

1. Utilise Under Bed Storage

The space under your bed is valuable and shouldn’t be underestimated. Use that space wisely by making or purchasing appropriately sized drawers and storing shoes, clothes, undergarments and so on inside them. You can also store your least-used items under the bed such as luggage, seasonal shoes, extra bedding, etc.

2. Install Ceiling Shelves

The ceiling is the fifth wall of the bedroom and could also be used wisely. The space below the ceiling can be used by installing a wrap-around shelf along the perimeter bedroom walls. This smart yet simple idea creates plenty of storage space. This trick is especially helpful for a small-spaced bedroom. So, don’t be disheartened due to lack of space since there are several small bedroom design ideas to create space effortlessly.

3. Mount Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are an excellent solution to keep books, artwork, planters and more. Not only do they free up plenty of floor and wall space but also give the bedroom an aesthetic significance. There are a bunch of floating shelves designs and types you can choose from or you can build one with the help of a few handy tools and a guide.

4. Organise Furniture By Usability

The placement of your furniture in harmony with its ease of use is a great time-saver. For instance, keeping your laundry basket near the entrance of your bedroom is not only unpleasant but also inefficient. However, placing it inside your closet or in the bathroom makes your life easier while saving space.

5. Place Hooks Behind The Bedroom Door

The backside of your bedroom door wants to be utilised by you. So, attach wall hooks on the door and use it for hanging your purses, scarves, night suits, coats etc. Don’t overburden the hooks with items as it creates an untidy look. Keep it neat and minimal, hang the items you’ll need daily.

Pro-tip: you can place several coat hooks or pegs in a horizontal line to create a space for your shoes and heels!

6. Get Drawer Organisers

Nothing is more frustrating than cluttered drawers, especially when you’re searching for something. That’s when the life-saving drawer organisers come handy. They help you sort out your junk, make a specific section for each item while creating a barrier between each section to avoid mix-up. The best part about these drawers is they can easily be made at home in a fun DIY project. Why don’t you try it before purchasing one?

7. Hang Jewellery On A Pegboard

A good old pegboard can be up-cycled and utilised for storing your jewellery. We’ve all been in the frustrating situation of tangled chains and bracelets, installing a pegboard for jewellery, eradicates that problem altogether! Get a few hook kits, place them through the holes of the pegboard and Voila! Hang all your necklaces, anklets, bracelets, earrings, sunglasses and so on.

8. Pick A Headboard With Storage

This one’s for those rooms occupied more with the bed than anything else. Well, it’s not bad if you look at it as a storage opportunity. Ditch the basic headboard and choose a multipurpose headboard with side drawers and high shelves. You can use that space to keep your books, mattress, pillows and more.

With the help of these tricks and a lot of hard work, your bedroom can be arranged in the most perfect manner. Now, get started on organising!

Written by nikola

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