Why Board Games Are Making A Comeback

As kids, we all loved board games.

Then we started growing up and our board games started to get shelved. Technology offered us video games and we found our new love.

We got so indulged that we hardly cared about those shelved games. But no, it doesn’t end there.

Board games made a powerful comeback that now, we as teens (or adults) play them as a part of our weekend.

How did they manage to stand out and make a comeback despite the era of sophisticated fun? Well, the answers are many.

1. Excess Technology

Too much of anything is good for nothing. Not letting down digital gaming but ultra-high technology tired us a little.

The ill-effects of screen time left us un-energetic after long hours of playing. This never happens with board games.

One may get bored but not tired. As we are a generation who gotta check our phones for almost everything, board games give us a break from gadgets that we deserve.

2. Comfort and Creativity

Not all your weekdays go well. You get moody and stressed out on worse days. Board games help in brightening your mood. Once you are in your place before the board, your focus is only on it.

Things like bad workdays don’t cross your mind, at least till you finish your game. Your brain gets enough time to be refreshed and ready to face another day. Board games do become your comfort zone.

You can also be creative and design a board game for yourself (creating is a therapy on its own level). Sites like Table Knight are the best go-to sites for anything related to board games. From suggestions to innovative gaming ideas, Table Knight has it all.

3. Eat & Drink & Play

Compare a house party with board games included and the other without any. You will see guests engaged whole-heartedly when there is at least one board game at the party.

Else, a few hours into the house party, the guests sit back glued to their phones. Board games bring people together which gives the potential for new friendships and improves communication.

Food and drinks are best accompanied by a board game to double the fun. you know why many cafes offer board gaming in their list of services.

4. Improvement in Mental Health

Board games stimulate the brain to release hormones that cause happiness. Exposure to the blue light of our screens makes us sick mentally, though it is hardly mentioned.

Reduced screen time (as a result of the tabletop game) will heal you mentally. Everyone needs human interaction to keep up sanity (introverts too). If you have a friend or a family member who is low, try playing a board game with them and see the results for yourself.

Did you know that board games are used in therapeutic sessions too?

5. Stronger Relationships

Board games gather everyone in the family around the table giving ample time and space for strengthening their bonds. Parents get to know about their kids’ mindsets which is essential to raise the kids right.

Friends can have a great time including board games in their hangouts. Playing a tabletop game with your partner too is shown to yield positive results. You get to understand each other and know how he/she reacts in different scenarios.

Plus, it’s fun. Need more reasons to get convinced?

6. Child Development

There was a period when parents gave gadgets as toys to kids. But it was a phase which is far gone. Parents recognized the positive effects of board games on children and switched back to them.

Children become sharper (as their aptitude improves while playing) and learn teamwork in board games. They learn to be patient and sportive (hyper-competitive kids grow up to be dissatisfied adults).

From setting the board for play to packing up everything neatly, there are umpteen essential lessons you can teach them.

All you need to play a board game is your group and the game pieces. You can start playing right away and laugh along with your dear ones. There’s nothing like a ‘wrong time’ for a board game.

Written by nikola

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