10 Celebrities with Lipedema (With Picture)

Although not discussed enough in this society, Lipedema affects 11% of women globally. Despite affecting millions of women worldwide, this chronic disorder is underdiagnosed.

For those who aren’t aware, Lipedema is a disorder that causes abnormal accumulation of fats under the skin, primarily in the lower half of the body, including the legs, hips, and buttocks. Most women with this condition have a disproportionate body, leading to body image issues.

Given how misrepresented the condition is, it isn’t surprising that several celebrities have come out with stories surrounding their struggles with the condition with a motive to empower people and help people accept themselves the way they are.

This article will discuss the top 10 celebrities with lipedema and their course of acceptance and treatment with the condition.

10 Celebrities with Lipedema

In this section, we will walk you through the list of the top 10 celebrities who have been diagnosed with lipedema and how they have coped with the situation. If you are struggling with similar symptoms or want to discover more about the condition, keep reading.

1. Mischa Barton

10 Celebrities with Lipedema (With Picture)


Once known as the “It Girl” by Entertainment Weekly, Misha Barton is one of the most popular British actresses of her time.

Not only has she portrayed several popular roles and mesmerized the audience with her acting talent, but Barton has also been under the scrutiny of the public for a long time. Although she has had a hard time dealing with her fame, her weight has been one factor that has put a lot of pressure on her.

Although not confirmed, pap shots of Barton indicate a possibility that she could suffer from lipedema. There are a handful of pap shots that does suggest that it could be just cellulite.

2. Nelly Furtado


Nelly is a famous singer-songwriter hailing from Victoria, Canada. She was born in 1978 and has gained immense popularity with her songs.

Not only does she sport a pear-shaped body, but she also exhibits the symptoms that a lipedema patient normally would. Although not much is available about her journey with the disease and the kind of work she has gotten for it, the condition has no negative implications.

Over the years, Furtado has transiently worked towards being one of the leading artists of her generation, winning a Grammy Award for her sophomore album, Folklore.

3. Maisie Smith

10 Celebrities with Lipedema (With Picture)


Another leading British actress who is known for sporting signs of lipedema is Maisie Smith. However, she hasn’t outright and openly discussed the condition; the shape of her legs and the standard appearance match that of an individual with lipedema.

Kindly understand that our intention isn’t to suggest that every woman with “big legs” has lipedema. However, the other symptoms coincide with the possibility of Smith having this condition. In several pap shots, Smith’s legs are muscular and sport some fatty deposits on them.

Since Smith hasn’t discussed the condition openly, there’s no way of confirming whether or not she has been officially diagnosed. There’s also no way of knowing if she has received any treatment.

4. Alicia Keys


While discussing popular female celebrities and their struggles with lipedema, another name worth mentioning is Alicia Keys. The singer-songwriter was born in New York, United States, in 1981 and has acquired peak fame in her career with her songs and albums.

Besides releasing albums and songs that have peaked at the billboard top 100, Alicia Keys has also released songs featured in top Hollywood movies, including the James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace.

Not only has Alicia reached the heights of her success, but she has also done so with optimal health. There is no official confirmation, but the audience does assume that Alicia has lipedema in the lower half of her body.

5. Kelly Clarkson


Another leading singer-songwriter that has openly shared her struggles with lipedema is Kelly Clarkson. Although it isn’t confirmed yet, Clarkson was diagnosed with this condition in 2006; it wasn’t until 2018 that she openly talked about it to the public.

According to reports and interviews, Clarkson managed her symptoms with lifestyle changes. She introduced healthy eating, exercises, and a proper treatment regime to keep her symptoms in check.

Besides her raging fame in the music industry, Clarkson has candidly opened up about her struggles with lipedema, saying that the condition did take a toll on her mentally. She felt a hit to her self-confidence.

6. Amy Schumer


At the beginning of our blog, we mentioned that around 11% of the world’s female population struggles with lipedema. What are the odds that the list also includes Amy Schumer in it?

Over the years, different pap shots have revealed Schumer to sport thicker legs, which isn’t unusual but a tell-tale sign of lipedema. What’s great about Schumer is that she has never let that be a roadblock in her career.

Schumer hasn’t revealed any insights about being diagnosed with the condition or any potential treatments she might have gotten for it.

7. Kathy Bates


Kathy Bates is another celebrity who has opened up about her struggles and experience with lipedema. Given that the condition is so underdiagnosed, it isn’t surprising that finding good and caring doctors can be a challenge.

During her experience with lipedema, Bates opened up about her issues and how it took her a fair amount of time to find a doctor that lived up to her expectations.

Since getting proper treatment, Bates has consistently entertained her audience with her television roles and acting credits. She has also been a great communicator about the condition and other chronic diseases.

8. Kirstie Alley


One of the leading American actresses, Kirstie Alley, is another name that should be on the list. During her life and career, Kirstie entertained millions of people worldwide with her brilliant acting skills and expertise.

Alley passed away in 2022 but has been fairly open about her struggles and highs and lows throughout her career. One of the primary signs that Alley could have had lipedema is her larger frame and thicker legs.

Kirstie hasn’t openly discussed this condition throughout her life and career. However, her stature, especially her legs, indicates she could have had lipedema.

9. Shaughna Phillips


If you are a big fan of Love Island, chances are you know or have heard of Shaughna Phillips. Her fame on the reality show thrust her into a high-profile career. Despite being on a reality show, Shaughna has been very open about her struggles with lipedema.

She has openly discussed the condition in interviews and revealed that she had gotten treatment and surgeries like liposuction to eliminate the excess fat deposits from her body.

Shaughna’s symptoms were prominent around her ankles, where she got liposuction. Following the liposuction surgery, she even revealed that she had to “milk” her legs.

10. Mariah Carey


Another celebrity who has candidly discussed her struggles with lipedema is Mariah Carey. She primarily struggled with the condition for years, following which she finally got a conclusive diagnosis in 2014.

Despite facing challenges due to her diagnosis, Mariah Carey has never let these be obstacles. She soared in her career, releasing hits throughout her active career. She is also associated with a lot of philanthropy work.

Although her struggles with lipedema have been extreme, Mariah hasn’t let anything come between her and her dreams of making it big. Fast forward to today, she is one of the leading female artists in the world.


That concludes our list of famous celebrities who allegedly have lipedema and those who have openly discussed their struggles with the condition. Given the kind of world we live in that praises “perfect bodies,” it isn’t surprising that many celebrities don’t feel comfortable discussing chronic issues like these openly. However, we hope there comes a time when conditions like lipedema will be normalized.

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