10 Luxury Gifts For Your Best Man And Groomsmen

If you have your wedding day marked in your calendar, then you are going to have a busy few months ahead of you as you prepare for the big event. 

There are a huge number of things to arrange and schedule, so you can be forgiven for letting gifts for your groomsmen, ushers, and your best man slip your mind. Do not worry, here is a list of ten luxury gift ideas for your whole wedding day team.

Celebrate The Special Day With A Cigar

People have been using cigars to mark special events for decades, whether it is weddings, birthdays, or the birth of a new child. 

You can find a variety of products from Drew Estate Cigars at for your best man and all your groomsmen. Drew Estate cigars started small with a single kiosk in New York but have grown to become one of the most respected and celebrated cigar suppliers in America. 

Give Them Luxury Engraved Hip Flasks

This is a classy gift that is perfect for any best man or groomsman. There are many places online where you can find a range of hip flasks, and often have them engraved, customized, and personalized for every member of your wedding day team.

The personalization options are what make this gift stand out from the rest. You can tailor each flask to each groomsman, or woman, which is much better than getting everyone identical gifts. 

Get To The Church On Time With Personalized Watches

Timing is important on your wedding day. The event runs on a tight schedule, and it is the responsibility of your best man and groomsmen to get you where you need to be when you need to be there.

Give them a helping hand with a personalized wrist or pocket watch. This does not have to cost a lot either. You can find small-scale watchmakers on sites like Etsy that make unique, custom timepieces that are inexpensive and exclusive. 

Gift Your Team Engraved Dog Tags

Dog tags have been used for more than a hundred years by militaries across the world. You can help bring your team together with customized engraved dog tags that they can wear under their suits on the big day.

These are simple and inexpensive gifts that are great pieces of men’s jewelry that your team of groomsmen can keep and use for many years to come, reminding them of your special day and the part they played in it.

Say Thank You With Some Skin Care

The gift of good skin should not be underestimated. Giving your groomsmen and women some luxurious skin care products is a great way to say thank you for all they have done for you before, during, and after the wedding.

Skin care products can last a long time, making them a useful and lasting gift. Spend a little extra on some top-tier products or perhaps a whole luxury skin care regimen, to really wow them with your gift.

Help Them Toast The New Couple With A Luxury Whiskey With A Crystal Decanter

These sets make great gifts all year round for any occasion, and are a perfect way thank you gift for your team of groomsmen and ushers. 

There are plenty of different sets available, with whiskies from around the globe to choose from. You can even have glasses and decanters engraved to make the gift more personal to each groomsman. A glass of whiskey is also a great accompaniment to a cigar if you are looking for something extra to get them.

Gift Them A Groomsman’s Gift Box To Say Thank You

10 Luxury Gifts For Your Best Man And Groomsmen

Pre-made gift boxes are becoming really popular. These are themed gift sets that are curated by gifting experts who can tailor a special box for any occasion. Gift box subscription services are also gaining popularity, with a new gift set arriving every month with unique products and themes.

Gifting a year-long subscription to one of these luxury gift box services is a great gift, but if you want to keep the costs more reasonable, just get one for each groomsman that has been tailor-made for them and their interests.

Keep It Simple With Some Silver Cufflinks

For a simple yet luxurious gift, go for this groomsman classic. Your whole team can be kitted out on the day in matching or complimenting cufflinks and bring some extra style to your special day.

There is a huge range to choose from, whether you want a simple design to engrave or something quirky like a football or a baseball diamond. If you play a lot of sports together or began your friendship as part of a sports team these simple gifts can make a sentimental statement about you, your groomsmen, and the bonds that you share.

Give Your Groomsmen A Personal Grooming Kit

Groomsmen should be well-groomed on the wedding day, all looking their absolute best. Give them a gift that leaves them with no excuses for poor personal grooming on your big day with a kit that covers all the bases.

Shaving and hair styling are two top priorities, but you should get a personal grooming kit that can help your guys get their toenails under control too. This is a great addition to a skincare regimen, with the two working together to keep your groomsmen looking correct at the wedding. 

A Luxury Leather Wallet Will Last Them A Lifetime

This is a great gift that works well on its own or as an extra gift on top of one of the others on our list, especially a customized watch.

You can choose from a range of colors and finishes from multiple online stores, and have the wallets customized or embossed with a pattern or message. It can be the same message for the whole group or a different personalization to suit each groomsman.

This list has something for everyone. You can get all your guys something special, just for them, or get the whole gang the same luxury gift. Do not forget the bridesmaids and maid-of-honor when you are planning your wedding gifts. You should get them all a bunch of flowers to say thanks to them too.

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