10 myths about feminism

Women are taking over the world and that is probably a good thing and a trend we need to support in the future. So many remarkable women have left their mark in all aspects of our society and we need to acknowledge that fact. Just one hundred years ago, they were deprived of voting or taking part in political life, and today, some women are the leading political force to be reckoned with. The journey of all women in history wasn’t easy but they stood their ground while obtaining their rights so we need to acknowledge their heroic struggle and achievements. Many of them earned a fearless reputation of men haters or tomboys but that may be quite an exaggeration for ladies who just stood their ground while fighting for a better tomorrow.

1.  They Are All Ugly And Unattractive

Well, this is true if you think that Charlize Theron and Angelina Jolie are ugly or unattractive, as they are self-proclaimed feminists among many other celebrities. This myth about unattractive feminists was probably made by men who opposed women’s rise to power in any aspect of social or political life. Contrary to that common prejudice, the most beautiful and attractive women are the symbols of the feminist movement worldwide.

2.  They Are Men Haters

These women are freedom fighters who had the courage to stand against those men who oppressed them, so you cannot blame them for not loving all men alive. Reading a Harriet Tubman essay can help you understand this issue better and realize that feminists do not hate men. If you read anything about Harriet Tubman then you know how hard it is to win your freedom and stay humane in that struggle. Feminists love men who respect them and treat them equally, acknowledging their female contribution in every aspect of our lives.

3.  Angry Career Opportunists

Another myth circling around for decades is that these ladies threw away their housewife shackles and focused on their careers instead of being perfect moms. Nothing is further from the truth, as every lady wants to come true as a loving mother at some point in her life. They just got the chance to also pursue their career goals and become professionals, which is one more step toward their equality with men.

4.  Asexual Bra-Burners 

Among all myths regarding feminism, this one may be the most ridiculous one. It all began when some females started rebelling against the way they were expected to conform or act like proper ladies with proper clothing and conventional manners. They rejected being treated like dolls and told what to do or how to behave. Such a rebellious attitude earned them a reputation of asexual and non-sensual females who act like aggressive men instead of proper gentle and tender ladies. 

5.  Club Reserved For Women Only

This may come as a shock to you but not only females can be members of a feminist movement. That is right, men can join this exclusive club and give their modest contribution to women’s rights and emancipation. Many famous men expressed their support to this movement in hope that supporting our wives, mothers, and sisters will make this world a better place.

6.  Rejecting The Marriage

Many people believe that these misses are against any type of marriage because they see it as a symbol of male oppression and domination. Today, gentlemen are equally against wedlock as signing marriage papers became a personal choice. Most ladies would happily enter into the intimate alliances if they knew they would be treated as equals and acknowledged as worthy companions.

7.  They Are Not Religious

Religion has nothing to do with women’s rights and freedom, except the fact that the church oppressed females throughout history. This is a fact but it doesn’t mean that all feminists are anti-religious. Spirituality has nothing to do with fighting for your rights, so personal beliefs are separated from their struggle for your equality. Every lady can believe whatever she wants, and that is one of those things feminism is all about. 

8.  Pro-choice Extremists

One more thing about religion, it has always been against abortion and the right of all women to make these choices. Even today, abortion is illegal, even in some modern countries that should know better. Not all females are against abortion, they just want to be able to choose if they want to do the abortion or not. We live in the 21st century and the fact that this issue is still unresolved says that there is a lot more work to be done for women’s rights.

9.  Lesbian Sisterhood

Another of those myths put in circulation by angry opposers of female liberation tries to belittle feminists by portraying them as bitter lesbians. If this was true then this movement would never get much support but the fact that millions of girls around this globe support it says otherwise. It is just somebody’s fantasies that try to portrait it in a negative light, which is even ridiculous today when the LGBT movement is widely accepted. 

10.  Conspiracy Against Men

Many frustrated men feel threatened by successful women and the fact that they have so much freedom these days. They even talk about a worldwide conspiracy against an all-male population that tries to turn this whole planet into a matriarchal society where men are just slaves. These people disregard the fact that females are still paid less than men and they still do not participate in political life as much as they should. 

10 myths about feminism

We can say that the status of women has improved in the last century but there is still a lot of work to be done. Young girls around this globe need to grow to believe that they can achieve anything they want. Only this way, we shall make our world a better place, with a new generation of strong young women who believe that only the sky’s the limit. 

Written by George K.

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