4 Ways to Connect With Your Mom From a Distance

Is there anyone more important than your mom? Your mom is your caretaker, teacher, and your first best friend. Though you may have grown up and moved out of your mom’s house, it’s still important to make time for her. No matter how old you are, you’re never too old to spend time with mom

For those whose mothers live nearby, getting a bit of quality time in is simple. You can swing by for a movie, take her out to lunch, or plan a day trip for something a little different. If you and mom are long distance, however, you’ve got to get a bit more creative. 

Looking for new ways to spend time with mom from miles away? We’re here to help. Read on to learn 4 of our favorite ways to connect with your mom from a distance. 

1. Stream a Movie for Two 

Rather than going out this Friday night, put your Netflix account to good use and host a virtual movie night with mom. You can watch a family favorite, an oldie but goodie, or a recently released blockbuster. Simply pick a movie you’ve both been dying to see, pop a bit of popcorn, and give mom a call.

If you want to do it the old fashioned way, all you need to do is press play at the same time. If your mom is more technologically savvy, however, there are a number of different apps for streaming movies with others that allow you to watch the same movie stream from different locations. All you need to do is set up a stream and share a link, and the apps will take care of the rest. 

4 Ways to Connect With Your Mom From a Distance

2. Send a Gift Basket 

If you’re in a dramatically different time zone or simply have a busy schedule, it can be hard to find time to connect over phone or video with your mom. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to show mom you’re thinking of her, even if you can’t talk. 

A classic way to do so is by sending a gift basket. Gift baskets make a great gift any time of year, whether you’re in the market for a birthday present, Mother’s Day delivery, or just because! Choose one that’s full of her favorite treats and be sure to personalize a message for her. She’ll be overjoyed to receive a surprise basket of goodies on her doorstep. 

3. Cook Dinner Together 

Isn’t there something so special about cooking dinner with your mom? It’s no wonder recipes are passed down from generation to generation. The bond created by spending time in the kitchen with those you love is truly irreplaceable. 

If you’ve missed a home cooked meal with mom, it’s time to plan a dinner with her—long distance, of course! Agree on a recipe ahead of time. You can either ask her to teach you a family favorite, or the two of you can pick out a recipe together that you’ve both been dying to try. Get your grocery list together and shop for the ingredients. When it’s dinner time, fire up a video chat and get cooking!

Make Mom Your Penpal

A handwritten letter never goes out of style. The more digital our world is, the more special a handwritten note becomes. No one knows that better than mom. 

A handwritten letter is both thoughtful and personal. Take the time to sit down, write out a letter, and send it in the mail. Be sure to ask your mom to write back. Not only will the two of you strike up a heartwarming correspondence, but her letters will be keepsakes to hold on to for generations to come. 

Near or far, it’s important to make time for your mom. These creative ideas will help you feel close to your mom, even if you’re thousands of miles away.

Written by George K.

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