10 Signs That Shows Your Graphic Card Needs Replacement

From playing games to doing professional 3D work, a graphic card is a very necessary element for people who always want to keep their computers to the next level of graphics. But, there are times when a graphics card has its problems and issues due to extra hardware added to the computer.

So, if the graphic card is also not working, and you cannot find out how to diagnose the errors, here are the top ten signs that show your graphic card has to be replaced, and you need to buy a new one.

Getting a new graphic card is the best thing to do, rather than diagnosing the old one. And, to buy a new graphic card, there is no better choice than getting a graphics card online at JW. Then, find out the problem with your graphic card from the signs listed below and get a new graphic card.  

1. Computer crashes without reboot

If the graphic cards are dying, then it can cause your PC to crash without a reboot. This results in a black screen and even lockup where the system freezes. And, if this problem occurs repeatedly, then it is a sign to replace the graphic card.

2. Abnormal noise of the fan

Fan noise directly connects to the death of a graphic card. And, if you notice the fan noise louder than normal, then it is essential to change the graphic card as soon as possible. If the fan is wrong, then the GPU will run hotter.

3. Graphics not rendered correctly

This problem is usually seen when you play a game or watch a movie. There is a sudden change in the colors on the computer screen, and you even see weird shapes on the desktop. But, it can be normal when you restart the computer. And, if the GPU is dying, then the same problem occurs again.

4. Blue desktop screen

There are times when you see a blue desktop screen, which is because of several reasons, such as a problem with RAM, hard drives, cards, or others. But, when you are playing any games or watching movies, and you see a blue screen, it indicates that the graphic card needs replacement.

5. Overheating of the system

Overheating is a major problem with the computer system. It is because of the dust that has been built up in the graphic card. There can be manufacturing defects also that lead to overheating issues of the system.  

6. Unstable supply of power

The unstable supply of power is one of the biggest causes of death of the graphic card. Bad voltage also causes the graphic card to malfunction. And, if it is the worst case, you see the GPU causing a blue desktop screen and the death of the graphic card. There is also a problem of PSU with an unstable power supply that causes a huge problem with the computer system.

7. Component failure in the graphic card

Many factors can cause component failure in the graphic card that leads to the death of the GPU. But, there are slim chances of a component failure in a graphic card. The failure is almost seen because of a manufacturing defect in the graphic card.

8. Fault in the drivers

If you use a newly released graphic card, there can be chances of getting faulty drivers. Not everything works well with an update in the drivers. In addition, Graphics card performance is affected by faulty drivers that fail the graphic card to run into a boot loop.

9. Shuttering

Shuttering is one of the most common issues of a dying graphic card. If you notice this problem with the graphic card and warning signs, the graphic card needs to be changed. Shuttering is common when you play games as there is a high drop in frame rate.

10. Curvy lines on the screen

Do you ever notice the wavy lines of the desktop screen when viewing movies or videos? If yes, this is a sign of graphic card failure, which needs a replacement. At this time, it is essential to replace the existing graphic card with a new one and enjoy movies or videos on your desktop screen.

Now, you know the ten signs that show your graphic card has to be replaced, you can check your computer system and get to know about any problem that your system is facing with the graphic card.

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