10 Tips for Saving Money on Storage

There are multiple reasons one can rent a storage unit, whether for temporary reasons or as a long-term storage solution. Either way, it has many advantages that can come in handy. However, renting a storage unit isn’t always the cheapest service to purchase, but with BYSTORED, it’s worthwhile.

There are no hidden charges or costs that pile up with time. The entire payment plan is straightforward; there’s no funny business there. On top of this, it doesn’t cause financial stress, so you can rent a storage unit for as long or as short a period as you want.

A few helpful storage tips will go a long way in saving time and money when renting a storage unit. It will make your experience more pleasurable, smoother and financially stable. Till you are done reading, you will become an expert in storage hunting.

1.     Organise smartly:

One of the essential factors of renting a storage unit before you start putting things in is to organise beforehand. If you don’t sort before, you will probably end up paying for a larger storage unit than needed. It may seem tedious, but it will save time and extra work in the future, and you can also avoid paying unnecessarily.

Instead of storing things you don’t need anymore or something you might require regularly, it’s better to be prepared than sorry. You will save the time and the hassle of driving back and forth to your storage unit facility.

2.     Discard without hesitation:

It’s crucial to go through everything before you pack it to be stored in the storage unit. It’s understandable to hold on to sentimental items but keeping everything in the unit is not the smart way to go about it.

You can donate your stuff to thrift stores or charity or hold a garage sale. In the end, you will realise you have far fewer belongings left to keep in the storage unit than you had begun with.

3.     Pack as efficiently as possible:

If you pack efficiently, you will have extra space in your cartons and plastic bins. You won’t have to pay for a bigger storage unit. All your stuff will fit into a small-sized storage unit which will cost less. Sometimes, you need to put in extra time and effort to save money, but it’s worth it.

The cherry on top is that you will have fewer items to deal with when you sort your storage unit out or when you need to remove some or all your items.

4.     Look for discounts, offers and seasonal packages:

Keep an eye out for any deals and offers the storage company offers. It’s never a bad idea to ask for promotions if there aren’t any advertised on the website. There’s no harm and foul in asking.

With BYSTORED you can compare prices and check for yourself what offers and prices other storage companies are offering. It will allow you to choose what works the best for you.

5.     Choose the right storage unit size:

Make sure you don’t rent a storage unit more extensive than you need; it will cost more and be more work to handle. Focus on evaluating what you need to keep at home and what needs to go to the storage facility based on how often you use the items.

Knowing how to pack your storage unit properly will also help you maximise the size of your unit and allow you to save money each month. Don’t forget to utilise the vertical space in the storage unit. You can install open shelves and use the walls to store as many boxes as possible.

When utilising storage space, remember stacking is your friend. It will let you make the most of your storage unit.

6.     Consider the advantages of a climate-controlled storage unit:

A climate-controlled storage unit will cost more, but it has its benefits. It will keep your wooden furniture, leather items, antique pieces, artwork, paperwork and documents etc., safe from mildew, debris, dust and mould.

A climate-controlled storage unit has a system installed that can maintain the unit’s temperature no matter how cold or hot it gets outside, preventing your valuables from being damaged.

7.     Share with a friend or family:

If you have a close friend or a family member who needs to rent a storage unit, you can divide the space and the cost between each other. You will be able to save up to 25%-50% off of your storage unit rent.

8.     Buy sturdy packing material:

Packing material is essential if you wish to elongate the life of your stored items. Please make sure you use strong cartons and plastic containers or bins that can stand up to the weight when you stack them. Strategically pack your unit with more oversized, heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on top to allow optimal stacking.

9.     Figure out if you want a short or long-term storage plan:

At times, renting a storage unit for the long term will save you money as there are multiple packages available, and sometimes the company accepts negotiations as well. If you plan to store items that you won’t be needing for an extended period, then opting for a long term storage plan will work best for you.

Going back and forth to the storage facility to get things and return them seems like a huge hassle, so you can rent a storage unit for a short period if you have seasonal belongings. It will enable you to cut down on trips and gas and save valuable time.

10.  Choose a trustworthy storage company:

Choose a storage company you can rely on so you will know any issue will be professionally handled if it occurs. Go for a storage facility that is hassle-free, secure and affordable with a team of hardworking professionals.

The aim of the storage provider company should be to make storage more accessible. The company should offer to pick up your stuff, store it carefully and return it safely whenever needed.

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