Self-Storage: Here is Another Option to Store High-Value Objects

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Have you ever needed to be absent for a period and were afraid of leaving any objects of high financial value (personal or official) at home? Well, it is a widespread problem. After all, it is not always completely safe to store belongings such as jewelry, paintings, collections, antiques, and even certain electronics at home, especially when we need to make a trip or move.  For this reason, self storage near you in DC is very efficient when it is necessary to store objects of value for both individuals and companies.

What is self-storage?

Self-storage has been used in the United States since the 1960s. It is a practical, safe, and efficient system for storing valuables and optimizing spaces. However, self-storage is becoming popular all over the international territory due to its benefits. The system works as a space rental, allowing the most varied assets to be stored in closed boxes and organized in locations easily accessible to the owner of the objects. To meet the needs of its consumers, self storage near you in DC offers storage for different sizes and volumes.

It is possible to find options ranging from one to 100 square meters, besides the fact that the rent can be made according to the time that the customer wants to store his belongings. It is an excellent option for those who are afraid to keep high-value objects at home or for those who will be traveling abroad and want to store their valuable goods in a safe place and be free from worries.

How does it work, and what are the advantages?

24-hour monitoring –

Yes, nothing offers much safety and security to your belongings more than a professional self-storage service in DC. The customer can use the self-storage warehouses to store their valuables safely, for 24 hours a day and the duration of the contracting of the service. Access is electronically controlled, ensuring the monitoring and security of belongings. It is also worth mentioning that self-storage has been considered the best option for storing high-value objects such as paintings, collections and jewelry.

Privacy and discretion –

The entrance control is performed electronically, so only the belongings owner will access the boxes in which their objects are stored. It guarantees the customer’s privacy. Just lock the box with the padlock and take the key when you are finished storing your belongings or taking away the products. However, to make sure that your assets are safe, be sure to check the company’s history and credibility in the market, checking if it is recognized in the segment for its discretion and efficiency.

Customized storage spaces –

What could be better than being able to store your valuable belongings safely in boxes and sheds customized according to your storage needs? Regardless of the quantity or size of the objects you intend to keep, there will always be a space in the self-storage service that meets exactly the dimensions you need. Not to mention that the company must provide a clean, moisture-free and pest-free environment to ensure the integrity of its assets.

How to guarantee an effective guard in self storages?

Before guarding your belongings in self-storage, know that it is essential to take some simple precautions.

Proper packaging –

If you want to improve logistics, try to pack everything properly before placing your objects. For example – sharp or pointed objects should be filled with protective materials and bubble wrap. Use two boxes to increase protection, in case one of them punctures. Also, please pay special attention to fragile objects, such as lamps, pottery and lamps, as they are susceptible and can break very easily. Therefore, please put them in boxes and fill the empty spaces with newspapers and fabrics. It prevents the pieces from becoming loose and suffering friction between them. Small items such as picture frames and crystals deserve even more care. Pack them separately with cardboard sheets to prevent impacts.

Clean the object before guarding –

Remember that you may need to use the self-storage service for a long time, and the objects will be stationary for the entire period of your absence. Therefore, be sure to sanitize all your belongings properly, as dust and moisture can cause damage and leave irremovable traces on your objects.

Store objects in an organized way –

If you want to use the space in the self-storage service boxes and warehouses, try to store the objects in an organized and definite way. Keep things within reach according to their priority level, size and value. Try to install the boxes in rows to facilitate entry and avoid clutter, especially when looking for a specific item or when making a change.

An interesting tip is to take advantage of furniture with empty spaces and drawers, such as refrigerators, cabinets and dressers, to optimize the storage of your belongings. However, remember to have the location of each object registered in a document with you. So you don’t run the risk of having to spend time searching for each item in the future.

Free from bureaucratic processes

If you are used to the typical bureaucracy in most of the services in this country, you do not have to worry if you want to use self-storage, as there is no delay or paperwork in the act of hiring. All you need to do is make sure you negotiate with a specialized company and trust your objects in good hands. Thus, you can be absent for as long as necessary without worry, as your belongings will be protected and intact.


With the properties getting smaller and more expensive every day, many people and companies cannot find a place of the ideal size and that fits in their pocket. For these cases, hiring Livelyt to  find self storage near me can be a good option. Have you ever thought of having a place where it is possible to store essential items safely? With self-storage, it is possible.

Do you want to know more about how self-storage works and how it can be feasible to store your valuables? Then contact a professional self-storage company now.

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