Why Should My Company Run Background Checks?

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Whether you have been in the business world for decades or you’re just getting your dream company off the ground, there are some choices all companies should carefully consider. From what type of workplace culture you want to promote to how you’ll handle interdepartmental communication, there should be no “i” left un-dotted or “t” left uncrossed.

A foundational element your company will have to suss out is that of hiring procedures.

For example — will you choose to conduct background checks on candidates? While there is no law stipulating background checks for all industries, many businesses opt to conduct them. Here are some of the reasons why.

Job Experience Accuracy

Required credentials and necessary skills aren’t listed on a job description for no reason. They are there to set a standard for the candidate your business needs. And it is important that the person you select fits the bill.

Background checks are a great way to ensure the time, energy, and money you are committing towards a specific employee is really worthwhile. If someone claims to have a certain college degree, training, or certification, it can be hugely detrimental to your company if that person is fabricating credentials. You could lose clients, revenue, and even open yourself up to a lawsuit.

Luckily, with and other background check providers, you can run verifications that determine whether a person does indeed have the necessary education and certifications they claim to have.

Trust and Honesty

While running background checks as a standard is a commitment, businesses that choose to run them believe the assessments help ensure a sense of trust and honesty between employers and their staff. If a candidate for a job is aware that a background check is part of the hiring process, they will be encouraged not to misrepresent themselves.

We all embellish on our resumes, sometimes giving ourselves too much credit or exaggerating responsibilities. But there is a line between showcasing yourself in your best light and being flat-out dishonest.

Because you want to build a team of dedicated, trustworthy professionals, a background check can help ensure folks are honest with each other from the get-go.

Workplace Safety

If someone has a history of any form of harassment or violence in the workplace, wouldn’t you like to know that before inviting them into your professional community?

As an employer, you have a responsibility to your staff to hire people that will contribute to a safe environment. You could potentially be held liable for negligent hiring practices in the event of a workplace incident. If reports show you did not investigate a dangerous person’s background prior to hiring, your business could face consequences.

History of Theft

It is reported that 75% of employees have stolen from their employer at least once. This startling statistic also supports the need to run background checks.

While a few missing pens and sticky notes may not be the end of the world to a business, larger instances of theft can be hugely damaging to companies. Petty theft adds up if you’re not vigilant. Why not build your safety net from the start? Background checks can show past major cases of workplace theft and allow you to avoid bringing those issues into your office.

Final Thoughts

Hiring practices should be fair and equal for everyone. You should ensure that your business promotes diversity and hires the best candidates for the job.

Hiring principals are also there to protect the employer and ensure honesty from candidates. Forethought and planning now can save you ten-fold in the long run. Look into background check services today.

Written by George K.

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