10 Unconventional Ways To Build Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is a term used to describe how well a consumer knows your company. It is the first step in your marketing strategy to make sure when consumers are ready to make a purchase, they think of you first. 

There are plenty of ways to build brand awareness, most of which you have already read about, so this article will explore ten of the most unconventional ways you can try – 

Method 1: Drop custom merch

By giving swag away, you make sure that the receiver does not forget your company. According to Brandwatch, 94% of people that receive promotional products remember the advertiser and the product. 

And with print on demand services, you don’t have to worry about manufacturing or fulfillment. You can order printed back packs, customized t-shirts, mugs, and pens with your company’s logo on them and have the print on demand service send them directly to the receiver. 

So, who should you send it to? Loyal customers, webinar speakers, PR agencies, industry leaders, and your employees. 

Method 2: Try dropshipping on eBay

10 Unconventional Ways To Build Brand Awareness

If you have a physical product to sell, having a seller page on eBay is a great way to reach a wider audience. According to Statista, there are 183 million active buyers on eBay.

Besides, with dropshipping on eBay, you don’t have to worry about fulfillment or taking orders. You can divert your focus to other marketing strategies while letting eBay generate passive income for you. In fact, the top 10% of eBay dropshippers made on average $7,731/month profit

Method 3: Start a podcast

Although this is gaining steam, podcasting is a great way to get yourself out in front of the right audience. With a podcast, the primary aim is to educate so your content is not off-putting to customers that are early on in their journey. 

The podcast becomes a touchpoint in their journey when they do convert later. This is a long-term strategy that can yield quality leads, especially for B2B marketing. 

Method 4: Build a referral program

If you offer an incentive to current users of your product or service, they will happily share a referral link with their circle. The incentive can be an extra month of free subscription, a swag bag, a discount on renewal, and more, depending on what makes for your business model.

Method 5: Write guest posts

This is a good way, especially in the B2B space, to get the word about your brand out there. Guest posting is a good way to deliver value to a different website while ensuring your brand gets recognized. 

Create insightful and actionable content instead of sharing generic advice to make the exercise worthwhile. 

Method 6: Create infographics

10 Unconventional Ways To Build Brand Awareness

People love data. If you have original research that you can share in the form of an infographic, it is very likely to get picked up organically by other websites and get social shares. 

You may also get backlinks from infographics that can improve your SEO, contributing to higher ranking and more traffic. 

Method 7: Partner with local businesses

If you share an audience with a business in an adjacent field, you might want to consider a local partnership. For instance, if you sell insurance and you strike a collaboration with a car dealership, both of you can benefit from this collaboration. 

Method 8: Run social media contests

Social media is a good way to run online contests that makes more people aware of your brand. If you offer good incentives and prizes, you can gain a lot of traction from social media. Focus on Instagram specifically for quicker results. You can try to get more likes and engagement by hiring a growth service for Instagram.

Method 9: Build a memorable brand

If you are in a competitive space, a good way to set yourself apart is to infuse your personality into the brand and create content that is a departure from traditional how-to blog posts or landing pages that lack creativity.

Think about the brands that have left a lasting impression on you. Why did it work? Was it humor? Was it how they humanized their brand? Was their content more relatable?

Once you identify that and think about how you can do the same for your brand, learn how to tell your brand’s story to ensure consistency across all channels. You can’t have your landing page be quirky and social media responses be bland.  

Method 10: Drop a hot take

A hot take is a commentary on recent events that is worded in a way that evokes powerful emotions. You can also think about it as an unpopular opinion. 

This will polarize your audience. Some may agree with you, and others will vehemently oppose it, but it will definitely get people talking about your brand. 

At the end of the day

The goals of brand awareness can vary. You may want more traffic to your website, promote a new product, improve your online reputation, improve conversion. 

To run a successful campaign, make sure you clearly define the goals, the KPIs and be prepared to experiment to see the desired results.

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