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6 Best Christmas Brunch Cocktails

Christmas is right here and we are ready to meet our friends and family. One of the most underrated Christmas traditions is barbeque and brunch, making it very difficult for you to decide what to do with cocktails. We are here to rescue you from that. We have curated some of the best cocktail recipes for brunch this Christmas, some of them are originals and some of them are well-known brunch cocktails for a chilly afternoon. So if you want to impress your guests this festive season then this is just the place for you. Are you ready?

6 Best Christmas Brunch Cocktails

Strap on.

Santa Baby

This drink is an original, all you have to do is dust off your shaker and get it out of your garage since you will need it now, you need to put- 50ml Gin, 30 ml of lemon and orange juice, 30 ml Campari, ½ teaspoon of Castor sugar and ice in a shaker. Shake it for 30 seconds and pour it in a Tom Collins glass after which you need to add nutmeg to it. It is a beautiful gin drink that is red and delicious, this is one of the best day drinking cocktails available on our list.

Christmas Godfather

This drink lives up to its name and when we tell you the recipe you will know how this has 100ml Scotch, make sure it is of good quality, 50 ml Amaretto, and double cream, put these ingredients in a shaker, shake it for 10 seconds let the cream take the edge off of the alcoholic content pour it in a cocktail glass and add nutmeg to it. This is quite a strong drink and you can also use it as an ideal drink for a sundowner. Remember to remind your guests that they have to pace themselves for this drink.


This drink is also an original, it is called Sazarac which means celebration in Hebrew. It has 50 ml rye whiskey ( make sure you pick a good one) 10 ml sugar syrup, 2 ½ teaspoons of sloe gin, berries of your choice, exactly four dashes of orange bitters, and 10 ml absinthe. Use lemon peel for garnish and enjoy a cocktail that tastes like its name. It is a flavourful drink that you can enjoy with your friends and family this Christmas. 

Willy Wonka

This is also an original, it is a tasty drink for the festive season and personal homage to charlie and the chocolate factory. Put 25 ml of baileys, 25 ml of coffee liquor, 25 ml of vodka, and double cream in a shaker shake it for 10 seconds, and pour it in a cocktail glass, top that up with chocolate shavings, and voila you have a delicious festive cocktail for your guests you can use any kind of chocolate for garnish, I would suggest you grate some white and dark chocolate together to enhance the taste of your drink,

Spiced Sidecar

Sidecar is a very famous drink, it is as famous in the south as it is famous up north. A spiced sidecar is a sidecar that went to a Christmas party, for this drink you need 45ml Cognac, 25 ml orange liquor, 25 ml lemon juice, and one spoon of castor sugar, and exactly four cinnamon pods. This is generally a hard drink but with the added ingredients it smells really good. A spiced sidecar is an ideal drink if your friends and family love having cognac.


In the flask You will be doing a lot of rounds around the block to your neighbor’s brunch and if you are anything like me, you will be disappointed in everyone’s cocktails. So instead of trying out cocktails at every brunch, make a good Negroni and put it in the flask for you to sip on. A negroni is a slowly sipped drink, you have to pace yourself for this. You need 45 ml Gin, 30 ml Campari, and 30 ml Vermouth. Put that in a shaker and pour it over ice, stir it, and put it in the flask. Off you go on your brunch hike.


Hope this clears it up for you, you really wanna go the extra mile then you should prepare all these drinks for your guests for the brunch.

Written by Abhishek

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