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Best Christmas Cocktails for 2021

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and there are parties to plan and cocktails to drink. We know it can be quite difficult overwhelming for anyone to host their family and friends for Christmas, especially when everyone has different preferences for their drinks. We have just the solution for you. We have curated a couple of classic cocktails with a twist of Christmas on them. All these drinks are originals so you’re free to add your charm to them provided you write to us about the drink’s feedback. Here we have the best classic cocktails with a spin of Holy-Joly season on them. Ready? Strap on. 

Best Christmas Cocktails for 2021

1. Christmas Trunk

The name comes from the beautiful mocha color you get when you mix all the ingredients. The ingredients you need for this drink are- Kahlua, Baileys, and Dark Rum of your choice. You put all these ingredients in a blender and blend them. After which you take a whiskey glass and you fill it up with rocks. You pour the blended mixture over it and throw in a piece of dark chocolate as garnish. This is a great Christmas drink, that is as rich as it’s delicious.

2. Blue Christmas

This is probably the most fun drink on this list with a very depressing name. Don’t trust the name, it’s incredibly easy to make a drink that tastes incredible. So you take 45 ml gin (of your choice) and 45ml Campari (preferably clear Campari). In case you don’t have clear Campari you can switch this ingredient with dry/sweet vermouth. Add a cinnamon stick, simple syrup 5ml, and bitters of your choice (preferably angostura bitters) blue curaçao for color 15ml. Put all the ingredients in a shaker and shake it well. Then pour it in a coke martini glass and voila you have your blue Christmas. 

3. Christmas mourning

This is a drink that you prepare in a pitcher, it’s ideal for sundowners and we strongly recommend this drink for brunch. You take a pitcher and you put crushed ice in it, fill the pitcher with crushed ice by 20%. In a different pitcher Mix all these ingredients- 350 ml vodka, 600 ml soda, 100 ml simple syrup, four spoons of sugar, and three sliced oranges. Take a crusher and muddle the oranges in the second pitcher. Then add this mixture into the ice pitcher. There you have it, your Christmas morning. It’s a Shiny yellow-orange color that glows as you pour it into your glasses. 

4. Mrs. Santa

Take a shaker and you put 45 ml bourbon in it, followed by 30 ml cherry Liqueur and 15 ml of lime juice 15 ml. After this put cherry bitters in it and then shake it vigorously. Take a highball glass and fill it with ice, add some soda and then the mixture that you just shook. Use limes as garnish and there you have it, you’re a beautiful-looking Mrs. Santa. You can also use cherries for garnish. 

5. Resurrection

I know that this drink sounds very scary if you’re prone to a bad hangover but trust me it’s the prettiest looking drink on this list. So you bring out your shaker and you put 30 ml red wine,15 ml brandy of your choice, 15ml chamomile tea syrup, and 15 ml cognac.

After this, you add bitters of your choice. Shake them well, pour them out in a whiskey glass, fill the top with crushed ice and add edible flowers on the top. There you have it, a drink that can resurrect anyone from a bad time. This drink was created during Christmas time hence the name. 


We have covered all your basic spirits, there is one festive cocktail for every spirit for you here. Hope you have fun drinking these. Our pro tip is that you should make all of these drinks at once to have more charm and color at your parties. Our other pro tip is to prepare a hangover package for your guests.  All the drinks on this list are tried and tested and can be trusted by you. Make sure you use good quality alcohol if you would like to cut the cost of your hangover package. 

Written by Abhishek

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