10 Ways to Promote your Fashion Brand in 2021

10 Ways to Promote your Fashion Brand in 2021

The world of fashion has always centered around the fear of missing out (FOMO). Fashion brands present their products in such a way that those who do not possess them to feel left out. This motivates them to part with their money and purchases the fashion item being promoted.

While the standards emotions of the fashion world do hold good, recent days have altered the way fashion brands project themselves. The coronavirus pandemic has brought life to a standstill, and most people are not keen on hitting the streets and shopping malls. In such a situation, establishing an online presence has become essential to the survival of a fashion brand.

Here are ten ways in which you can promote your fashion brand in 2021 –

1. Build Your Brand Website

If you want to build a digital presence, you should start with creating a website around which you will center your brand activities. Understand that selling your fashion items only in the marketplace is a risky endeavor. If you are already selling your items on Etsy, Amazon, or any other marketplace, you should readily have a following and some traffic.

That way, it is easier for you to build a website. Alternatively, if you are new to digital marketing, start by creating an independent web store and then multichannel selling it on other marketplaces. That way, your visitors can discover your brand’s identity and build a lasting relationship with you.

2. Optimize Your Content

In the competitive fashion world, merely having a website will not suffice and you need to go for SEO optimization if you want your content to be noticed. Identify keywords that are relevant to your content and use them in your blog or content description. Use appropriate hashtags and categorize your content to ensure that they reach the target audience.

3. Do Not Compromise on the Quality

Fashion is all about visual appeal, and your digital marketing initiatives should echo the same. Invest in quality images to give the viewers a sneak of your business offering. Instead of talking about your company at length, you can split the textual ‘About Us’ page into two sections.

That way, you can dedicate the first page to the brand story, its mission, and goals. The other page will introduce the team and present interesting snippets about each member. You can also create videos to contribute to this section of your website.

4. Establish Your Brand’s Social Media Presence

Social media is an excellent platform for brands to connect with potential customers. Ideally, your brand should have a presence on multiple social media platforms and cross-promote the content that it creates. That way, you get the maximum reach and can hope for a good ROI. Take proactive measures to make sure that you do not abuse the medium by posting only advertising content.

5. Make the Most of Video

Video gives the viewer a holistic idea of what the product is all about. Fashion brands can leverage this in their product descriptions to convince potential customers into a purchase. You can also look for collaboration videos with celebrities and fashion influencers to attract web traffic. With video editing tools such as InVideo, you can create professional-quality videos for your fashion brands in a matter of minutes.

6. Have a Posting Schedule

Understand that if you focus only on promotional content, your followers will start losing interest and may even unsubscribe to your channel. Try to create informative or entertaining content that adds value to the life of your viewers. Have a posting schedule that balances the content so that you have ample informative, engaging, entertaining, and promotional content in your feed.

Ideally, your posting schedule should account for your social media posts, website posts, blogs, and guest. Your viewers will enjoy the variety and keep coming back to you for more. With a well-planned digital content schedule, you can expand your reach and get potential customers to follow your brand page.

7. Organize Giveaways

After you have built a basic social media presence, you must look to scale things up. You can organize a giveaway contest and encourage your followers to spread the word. Considering that fashion enthusiasts are usually open to freebies, you can expect the news to spread like wildfire. If you can channelize the opportunity well, you will have an exponential increase in the brand reach.

8. Build a Brand Personality

Studies show that the first 7 seconds on a webpage helps an internet user form their first impression. To make the most of it, add witty words and imagery to your online store. That way, you will define the brand image and make it memorable for a first-time visitor.

If your budget permits try to custom package your products. Recipients will be likely to share pictures of such packages, and you can reshare such images to establish your brand identity. For brands that have a sustainable image, try to incorporate the same in your packaging. We also recommend the use of brand colors in the packaging of your products as that helps to establish brand familiarity.

9. Email Campaigns

Emails are a powerful tool for staying connected with your target group and informing them of your latest products and offers. To make the most of it, create separate email broadcast lists for customers with varied interests. That way, when you launch a product or offer that applies to a group, you can send emails to intimate them of the same.

10. Take Time to Analyse Data

As a fashion brand, you should spend time with tools like Google Analytics and Facebook’s Audiences to analyze the behavioral data of your target segment. These will give you an idea of the things that your visitors are interested in (other than the ones that they are already purchasing). You can then plan your future marketing campaigns in a way that would resonate better with the audience.


The journey of every fashion brand is unique, and so is its digital journey. With the above tips, you are ready to promote your brand on a digital platform. Over time, you will figure out what works the best for your fashion brand and use that to personalize your promotional journey.

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