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4 Must-Have Advanced Safety Features to Look For in Your Next Vehicle

Safety features for vehicles

If you’re ready to splurge on a new vehicle, you’ll want to make sure that it has all of the latest and greatest tech features on the market. New releases are safer and easier to drive than ever, so you won’t have trouble finding options that suit your needs and preferences.

It’s best to do a little research on the industry’s recent developments and get yourself up to speed before you hit the dealerships. To get started, check out these four essential safety features that will completely redefine your driving experience.

Adaptive Cruise Control

If you do a lot of long distance driving, you probably get a lot of use out of your current car’s cruise control system. In some newer models, manufacturers have upgraded this system with impressive automation. Now, your car can automatically adjust its speed to maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front of you.

While traditional cruise control is convenient, it only allows you to keep your vehicle moving at a set speed. Now, you can rest assured that if traffic slows or speeds up in front of you, your tech-enhanced vehicle will automatically do the same!

Lane Assist

Along with automated cruise control, lane assist features make new cars feel almost like they’re driving themselves. Many new cars come equipped with lane keeping capability, which uses sensors on your vehicle to measure your position within a lane and automatically keep your car centered. Without any help from you, your car will adjust its wheels to prevent your vehicle from drifting into the opposite lane or off the road.

If you do happen to leave the boundary of your lane, new cars have alerts that will let you know in time to correct your position. With features like this, drivers can maintain safe speeds and positions without much stress or effort. While you still have to pay attention to the road ahead of you and remain aware of your surroundings, it’s nice to feel like you have built in methods of preventing accidents and keeping the roads safe.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Blind spot monitoring is another feature that will make roads significantly safer. This system also uses sensors to monitor your vehicle’s surroundings, but it doesn’t adjust your car’s speed or steering. Instead, they alert drivers when a vehicle or another obstacle is in one of their blind spots. When you’re driving on busy interstates or through crowded city streets, this will make switching lanes and avoiding accidents far easier.

Some blind spot monitoring systems even have visual warnings that show you in real time where the obstacle is in relation to your vehicle, allowing you to make safe and timely decisions. The addition of features like this go a long way to improve drivers’ overall records, which can even lead to lower insurance rates. While new vehicles with these features can come with a big price tag, benefits like avoiding accidents and saving money on car insurance make the investment worth it.

Connected Apps & Device Pairing

Finally, you should be on the lookout for new and improved connected apps and device pairing systems as well. While these features exist primarily to boost convenience, they can also improve security and cut down on distracted driving. Most connected apps allow you to lock your car doors from your phone, which is handy for preventing theft. Device pairing systems also prevent drivers from picking up and using their mobile phones while driving. Instead, they can see their maps, music, and app menus on their vehicle’s display. If you make use of both of these features, you can have a driving experience that truly feels like you’re living in the future.

When you go to purchase your next car, don’t forget about these incredible tech systems and features. Car manufacturers are utilizing new tech to the fullest, so take advantage of the current offerings and enjoy the safest, smoothest ride you’ve ever had!

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