7 tips to keep in mind while traveling during the pandemic 


Staying isolated in four walls is difficult not just for travel bugs but for everyone. With many countries opening up, travel enthusiasts and others have started planning their travels. It can seem daunting to travel during the pandemic. Everybody needs to be cautious and take necessary precautions while traveling. While you may be taking all the precautions yet there might be people you are traveling with who may not be as cautious as you. As a traveler, you have to be alert at all times to avoid contracting the infection. According to WHO, there are fewer chances of you getting infected on a plane yet you need to be extra careful. Avoiding unnecessary human contact is the best way to travel. Follow these 7 tips to safely travel during the pandemic.

1. Sanitize your luggage 

Make sure you keep sanitizing your luggage and all your belongings at regular intervals. While traveling your luggage will pass through many hands and checkpoints. Each touch increases the risk of infection. Use disinfectant sprays or antibacterial wipes to keep your luggage virus-free. According to research, the virus can stay on fabric for two days and seven days on plastic and metal. You can kill the virus by sanitization. 

2. Drink bottled water

Avoid drinking water from the tap. Drinking purified bottled water is a good practice while traveling. Be sure of the purity of the water before drinking it. Follow this practice with food and other beverages as well. Contamination of any kind can be dangerous in these difficult times. If there is no packaged water available, boil water before drinking it. 

3. Avoid human contact

Thanks to the pandemic many things have become automated like getting bag tags or boarding pass from a machine. Use technology whenever you can to avoid human contact. Pay digitally instead of in cash while traveling. Travel to places that have fewer tourists so you can avoid crowds and safely enjoy your holidays. Human contact is the major reason for the spread of coronavirus around the world. 

4. Plan your itinerary 

A well-planned itinerary will help you to avoid any unnecessary detours. Be sure not to travel to remote destinations that don’t have immediate access to medical help. Know your plan well. Traveling during covid needs detailed planning and being aware of the surroundings. Research about the place you are visiting, check the status of covid cases there and accordingly plan your itinerary. 

5. Wash your hands

7 tips to keep in mind while traveling during the pandemic 

Wash your hands regularly with soap and water, it’s proven to kill the virus. If you don’t have access to that, use a sanitizer with a high concentration of alcohol, 60%-70% is good enough to kill the virus. Some sanitizers can make your skin dry or give you a rash, consult a doctor before you buy a sanitizer. If you have soap and water, wash your hands for at least 30 seconds. That will surely destroy the virus. 

6. Pack light and pack covid related supplies

Be sure to pack light as you never know what situation you might have to face. Anything can happen in these unpredictable times. Carry all the important covid related supplies like extra masks, extra pairs of gloves, sanitizers, disinfectants for various surfaces especially toilet seats and your medicines. Wearing double masks and carrying heavy bags can be exhausting, pack light to make your travel comfortable. 

7. Don’t travel if you feel sick

There is a possibility that you might start feeling sick during the course of your journey. If you feel even a little sick, stop traveling. Watch out for the symptoms of covid. Don’t panic. The first thing you should do immediately is isolating yourself away from your travel buddies, even if you have no covid symptoms. Wait for a couple of days, if you feel better get back on the road or else get yourself tested. If you don’t isolate yourself you are at the risk of spreading the virus.


Traveling should be therapeutic and not worrisome. With these 7 tips, you can safely travel during the pandemic. Be cautious about everything you do on your travels and be mindful of the experiences you have. Detailed planning and not taking unwarranted risks will work in your favor and make your travel experience joyful.  Don’t let the fear of coronavirus kill your spirit, you can overcome these with a few tweaks in your lifestyle. Happy traveling!

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