4 Tips for Cutting Back on Alcohol

4 Tips for Cutting Back on Alcohol


There’s no doubt that drinking is a huge part of our society. You can find people drinking alcohol every day of the week in almost every country. We like to drink at weddings, sporting events, birthdays, and even at a casual get-together.

While alcohol can be a great way to loosen up and have a little fun, it can quickly become a detrimental and life-threatening habit if it gets out of hand.

If you’re looking for a way to cut back on drinking or to put the bottle down for good, we’ve got you covered. Here are a few tips on cutting down on (or quitting) alcohol to help you live a happier and healthier lifestyle.

1. Seek Professional Help

If you feel like alcohol is taking control over your life, your best option may be to find help from a professional alcohol addiction center. Only professionals have the experience and resources to guide those struggling with severe alcoholism towards a full recovery. Clinics use expert addiction medical therapy to treat alcohol addiction once and for all.

Vivitrol and Antabuse are two medications used to treat people who have a physical dependency on alcohol. However, side effects of Vivitrol and other forms of addiction medication can be severe, so it’s essential to be under the supervision of doctors while going through treatment.

2. Try and Discover What Makes You Drink in the First Place

Sometimes, all you need is a brutally honest self-evaluation. While everyone has different reasons for drinking, the most dangerous include treating emotional pain or numbing stress.

Alcohol has unique properties that make you more confident and at ease during stressful situations, making it easy to become dependent.

If you find yourself not able to cope with difficult times without booze, then you’re at risk of developing alcoholism. It’s important to search for other ways to deal with stress, such as going to therapy, exercise, learning a new skill, or meditation.

3. Have a Realistic Plan

“I’m never drinking again” are the famous last words most of us have muttered during an extreme hangover at some point in our lives. While it can be easy to imagine never touching another drink when your head is pounding like a drum, it may not be a realistic approach.

Some people may find success quitting alcohol cold turkey, but it’s much more effective if you take gradual steps to cut back on drinking.

You can start by evaluating your habits and see which ones lead you towards drinking more. This approach will also make you more self-aware of why you like to drink, so you can have a more detail-oriented plan to cut back.

4. Reach Out to Your Close Friends or Family

There’s nothing wrong with calling up a close friend or family member and being open about your drinking problem. Not only will this allow you to vent about the feelings you have about alcohol, but those who truly care about you will support your decision to try to achieve sobriety.

If you like to drink with your partner, relative, or close friend, perhaps developing a plan where you both cut back on alcohol can be effective. Having an accountability partner will increase your chances of a full recovery.


Although cutting back on alcohol isn’t easy, it’s not impossible.

Once you start learning more about yourself, you’ll realize that you don’t need the booze to have fun, feel confident, or cope with difficult times.

There’s nothing wrong with drinking in moderation — as long as you feel in control and don’t revert to your old habits.

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