Top 5 Things to Do in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Top 5 Things to Do in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Georgia is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing places in the United States. And of the state’s amazing towns is Stone Mountain.

Stone Mountain is a relatively small city right beside Atlanta, Georgia. From the center of Atlanta, Stone Mountain is just 20 minutes away. In fact, the Stone Mountain is considered a getaway town for Atlantans. The small city got its name because of the Stone Mountain Park that is known for its mesmerizing and picturesque beauty all around the country.

Stone Mountain Park is the reason why this town is famous and has integrated a lot of other activities and attractions to go with the park.

To be fair, Stone Mountain sits among the best of Atlanta Attractions.

If you are planning a visit to Atlanta, there’s no way you can return without visiting Stone Mountain. And if you think that Stone Mountain is a city with a big carved mountain and nothing else, you are wrong.

There are a lot of things you can do in the city of Stone Mountain alone. And that’s what this article is about.

Let’s get you introduced to the top 5 things you can do in Stone Mountain, Atlanta, Georgia.

Stone Mountain Park

Stone Mountain Park is undoubtedly Georgia’s most famous attraction. That is why it attracts nearly 4 million tourists every year. The beautiful park is surrounded by hills, mountains, trails, and small forests, all spread over 3,200 acres of land.

Overall, this park is an absolutely amazing and worthwhile destination for families and friends. That is because there are a lot of entertainment and recreational activities to engage in, apart from the park’s stand-alone natural beauty. The Stone Mountain Park is home to the world’s largest LaserShow Spectacular, something that attracts millions of people from around the globe. Moreover, there are golf courses, a campground, and two Marriott hotels for you to stay in and get freshen.

Mountain Carving

Stone Mountain Carving is something that you simply cannot ignore. It is the center of attraction and beauty of the whole city. It’s the largest monument of the Stone Mountain city which represents a ton of history for the art and culture enthusiasts.

The detailed, sculpted carving on Stone Mountain highlights three historical Confederate heroes, Robert E. Lee, Jefferson Davis, and Stonewall Jackson. Their faces and figures are sculpted on the face of the mountain, capturing the attention of the viewers and providing a perfectly scenic background for your pictures.


Summit Skyride in the Stone Mountain is easily the most popular attraction in the city. It is a perfect opportunity for the visitors to soak in the natural beauty of the aerial view of most of the city.

The Summit Skyride takes you right up to the mountain top of the city via a swiss cable car, and lets you see the amazing place from a bird’s eye view, including the mountain carving from 825 feet above the ground. Not only that, but as you see the mountain carving of the historical figures, you get to listen to their full-fledged history.

The skyride is also accessible to wheelchairs and is available for everyone at a very cost-effective price. Needless to say, that adventure will make your journey worth it.

Snow Tubing at Snow Mountain

Snow Tubing is one of the most daunting and thrilling experiences you can have in the adventurous city of Stone Mountain. It is open for people of all ages who are willing to scream with joy.

Snow Tubing is located on Snow Mountain in the Stone Mountain city of Georgia. Snow Mountain features different areas and different slopes for people of different ages, on which you can slide down and have fun—the point is to have maximum enjoyment without feeling uncomfortable or exhausted.

The passes at Snow Mountain differ in timing. Usually, you can avail a two-hour pass to have fun. But there is also an unlimited time pass if you are willing to spend as much time as you think you can.

Apart from tubing, there are multiple ways of having fun in the snow, including snowball fights at the Snowball Shooting Gallery. There are also other amusement activities available depending on the day you visit the park, such as Scenic Railroad.

Since Atlantans do not get much of the snow to play in, Snow Mountain is a perfect getaway place to hit on your next vacation.

NCG Theater

When you are tired from having spent all day enjoying thrilling rides, soaking in physical adventures, and the mesmerizing in the natural beauty of Stone Mountain, you can finally recline back in the extreme-comfort chair at the NCG Cinema and watch your favorite movie.

NCG Cinema in Stone Mountain is a well-infrastructured and family-friendly movie place. But it’s a lot different than other cinemas. First, the chairs in NCG are much more comfortable, having the capability to recline as much as possible and giving you a whole lot of leg room, providing you the relaxation you need. Second, you get free refills on popcorn while watching your favorite movie. If that doesn’t do it for everyone, what will?

Moreover, the overall prices of this theater are much less than any other cinema in the region. According to a reviewer on trip-advisor, ever since they have found NCG Cinema in the Stone Mountain, they seldom go to any other place.

If you need to make the best out of your weekend, you can go to a beauty-filled town and watch a movie with free refills of popcorn.

Final Word

To conclude, these five places are reviewed by the people to be absolutely worthwhile and amazing in the Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain has it all that people of Atlanta do not, that is why Stone Mountain is a perfect getaway town for them. And the biggest advantage is that all these places are in close proximity of each other, it means that you can visit all of them (and even more) in just a day or two.

So, if you are wondering where to go on the next weekend, you know the ideal place now.

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